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No longer something restricted to sci-fi films, 3D printing is well and truly here - and fast on the track to becoming a mainstream technology.

Such is the rapid impact of 3D printing that Frost & Sullivan has proclaimed it as "one of the premier disruptive technologies transforming traditional industrial models and sparking a new industrial revolution". The technology has already made its presence felt in a number of key sectors, completely turning once traditional processes upside down, and the potential seems limitless for the years ahead.

With so many benefits to offer to those who actively adopt it, the case for 3D printing is certainly strong across a range of industries.

The industry benefits of 3D printing

Architecture and construction are just a couple of the sectors in which 3D printing has already made a massive impact, and here alone it's easy to see the vast advantages the technology brings.

The nature of the architecture industry means that affordable, efficient and large-scale prototyping and 3D modelling is crucial. However, this process can be not only time-consuming but expensive and inefficient, with a lot of material gone to waste in the production of models. This has led to many firms and designers straying away from prototyping altogether.

The advent of 3D printing - and the BIM software that goes with it - means that low-cost and fast 3D modelling is now on the table. With just a 3D printer and a powerful architecture software suite, planners can quickly create accurate models of their designs for a fraction of the cost.

As an additive manufacturing process, 3D printing significantly reduces the amount of waste material created in production. The right amount of filament is used in creating the models each time, meaning you only use how much material you need.

3D printing also introduces cost efficiencies in a number of other areas. For example, it can reduce labour expenses as less human input is required in the manufacturing or prototyping process.

With a 3D printer, architects have a far greater creative scope than ever before and can experiment with any design their minds and their software can muster. They can create and print highly customised designs, no matter how complex, trying out structures and shapes that traditional prototyping methods couldn't manage.

3D printing is also an incredibly environmentally friendly means of manufacture and production. Many of the materials used to print objects can be made from recycled matter, and the created designs themselves can also be recycled.

3D printing is certainly the way forward for the architecture and construction space - and Redstack is committed to making an impact with its solutions.

Redstack's role in 3D printing

Redstack is an authorised reselling partner of MakerBot and Ultimaker 3D printers, filaments and accessories, two of the leading 3D printing equipment providers on the market. Redstack offers a range of printers and scanners, with an option to meet a broad range of needs, applications and budgets. Combined with other top solutions provided by Redstack, such as Autodesk software, you can take advantage of a complete 3D printing hardware, software, training and support package.

Explore Redstack's range of MakerBot and Ultimaker 3D printers below.

Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Developed through open source, you know that the Ultimaker 2 is built with the needs and expectations of the modern user in mind. Its 20 micron definition, quality build material and filament and fast, quiet printing make it one of the most efficient and reliable 3D printers around. 

See pricing and purchase the Ultimaker 2 now.


Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D Printer

Bigger in every way, the Ultimaker 2 Extended gives you all the space you need to print larger, more complex objects with jaw-dropping speed and 20 micron definition.

See pricing and purchase the Ultimaker 2 Extended now.


Ultimaker 2 Go 3D Printer

Small in size, but big in 3D printing abilities, one of the most powerful little printers around. And with a compact design, it’s great for makers on the go, or those just getting started in the 3D world.

See pricing and purchase the Ultimaker 2 Go now.


MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer

The Fifth-Generation Replicator is MakerBot's standard desktop 3D printer offering, and features everything you need in a compact but powerful modelling solution.

The Replicator is optimised for ease of use and versatility, with mobile app, cloud and Wi-Fi connectivity to streamline the process. On-board camera and diagnostic tools with assisted build plate levelling ensure you get a high-quality and accurate product every time.

See pricing and purchase the MakerBot Replicator now.


MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer

For the largest professional 3D printing efforts, size does matter - and the Replicator Z18, MakerBot's premium offering, certainly delivers on this front.

The Z18 is designed for large-scale build volume at the industry level. With the best price-to-performance ratio in its category, this printer is built to handle even the largest projects.

The ability to simultaneously print multiple items at once boosts your efficiency even further, and the thicker build offers robust performance and results.

See pricing and purchase the MakerBot Z18 now.


MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D Printer

A compact solution packing a powerful punch, the Replicator Mini the perfect option for anyone looking at smaller-scale 3D printing production.

One Touch™ printing gets you fast results. And don't let the small size fool you: The Replicator Mini allows users to work with an impressive number of forms, colours and textures, so your designs are limited only by your imagination.

See pricing and purchase the MakerBot Replicator Mini now.


MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner

A 3D scanner is the perfect accompaniment to a 3D printer, and the Digitizer lets you quickly translate 3D items into replica models.

With the Digitizer, you can scan objects from multiple angles for the most accurate results, load it onto the appropriate software and tweak it to your heart's content before printing additional versions of it.

See pricing and purchase the MakerBot Digitizer now.


3D Printing Solutions

Redstack can combine Apple Hardware, Autodesk software, 3D printers and more with all the training and support you need to deliver a complete 3D printing solution.  Alternatively, we can also offer 3D printing as a service if you would prefer to let us do the printing for you.

 Contact us for more information.

Autodesk® AutoCAD® software
Ultimaker 3 3D Printer
Featuring seamless hardware, software and material integration the Ultimaker 3 3D printer creates complex geometries and achieves remarkable design intricacy with the most reliable dual extrusion on the market.
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Autodesk Product Design Collection
The Autodesk Product Design Collection is the best way to access the most essential Autodesk software for product and factory design.
Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection
Digital content creation tools for efficient 3D animation, compelling effects, believable 3D characters, and stunning environments for film, TV and game workflows.
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Autodesk AutoCAD LT
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Autodesk® Inventor—profession grade design and engineering tools that help you make great products.
Autodesk Revit Architecture
Autodesk® Revit® software is built for Building Information Modeling (BIM}, helping professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality buildings.
Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D
Available in the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Premium and Ultimate Editions, Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D software is a civil engineering design and documentation solution that supports Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows.
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