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IMAGINiT Clarity

Share the Project, Automate the Work.
Save hundreds of hours with task automation.

In a recent survey, over 50% of designers, engineers and construction professionals noted they always or very often print PDFs to check design progress.* This is just one of the many non-design oriented tasks your team is saddled with when creating a design. What if you could automate these manual processes and provide information contained in your model to those not using Autodesk Revit?

Our latest release not only integrates with the latest Revit version but also A360 Collaboration for Revit, BIM 360 Glue and offers more tools for coordinators and administrators. With multiple data sheet templates, more tools for understanding and eliminating task failures, email alerts and 3D visualizations without plugins; IMAGINiT Clarity for Revit helps BIM teams focus on what matters, instead of required, but not valuable tasks.

Make your model work harder for you by automating things like printing to PDF, data sheet creation and even the model exchange process.

*Survey conducted April and May 2015 by IMAGINiT Technologies.

Automate Manual Tasks 
Manual tasks can be a time sink for project teams. Printing sheets can lock up a computer for hours, while manually creating data sheets can take weeks or months depending on the magnitude of the project. By automating manual tasks, project teams can focus on more pressing issues. IMAGINiT Clarity handles numerous project deliverables that are ripe for automation including printing of PDFs or DWFs, file exchange, publishing to external sites, reviews and more.

Liberate Information from Revit Models 
Do you need to generate cut sheets and data sheets for external team members to review? Are they providing feedback in a manual fashion that then has to be translated into Revit? IMAGINiT Clarity gives users access to the rich data contained in Revit models, integrating it into custom reports. With information that can be edited on the fly, without modifying or jeopardizing the integrity of the underlying data, you have a system to offer external project members for review - one that is always up-to-date.

Provide Room and Equipment data sheets during the modeling process, automatically. Many healthcare and educational organizations need to view the project as it progresses - checking to ensure that specific criteria are met. By providing an online system for room and equipment data sheets, your team can be certain that the right rooms have the right materials - before construction begins.

Project Collaboration with All Stakeholders 
Making sure that all project members have the most accurate information - and that they're requesting changes from the most recent version - is key. With IMAGINiT Clarity, design progress and change requests can be communicated in near real-time. Projects are complex, with many different functions playing a role. IMAGINiT Clarity enables non-Revit users to update the BIM data and communicate or request changes back through Revit -without compromising the underlying model.

Clients or other project participants enjoy greater transparency. Since IMAGINiT Clarity doesn't require use of Revit, it's possible to show clients and other stakeholders what's going on with projects - and for them to provide more immediate feedback. That leads to greater transparency and better service.

If you're exchanging models with consultants just periodically, IMAGINiT Clarity can automate the process of exchanging Revit models in the project by replacing with those from the outside or cleaning your models and posting to an external location - saving time and incorporating best practices in Revit model exchange. 

IMAGINiT Clarity Testiominals

"Clarity Connect has helped us automate many tasks and share data with our retail client. Being able to provide automated datasheets along with saving over, 1,324 hours on one project have been well worth the investment. The amount of hours saved in not having to upload and download Revit files is a huge time savings, and being able to work with ‘live’ models with our consultants across the US ensured we were fully coordinated with the most recent files."
Steve Smith, BIM Coordinator, Neumann Smith Architecture

"We were early adopters of IMAGINiT Clarity and have been very happy with how it’s saving our team time. On two separate projects, we’ve run tasks that could have taken our team over 2500 hours in each project. Being able to have the tasks running in the background, gathering data if we need it, saves headaches and allows our team to have confidence in data at hand."
John Spangler, IT Manager, RLF

"In the two years we have been using IMAGINiT Clarity, we found the collaboration provided the most benefit. It allowed our Architects and Engineers to focus on design and coordination of a building while providing everyone the latest set of pdf files of all the sheets and Navisworks exports of the Revit models. Also, our Project Managers do not have to wait as they can download a set or launch their own set without even getting into Revit, keeping everyone on the same page for the project."
Jason Nelson, Associate & Design Technology Leader, TSP, Inc.

Is your team using Autodesk Revit Server or you have a need to collaborate with external partners? Check out IMAGINiT Clarity Connect, part of the IMAGINiT Clarity product family.  We also have IMAGINiT Clarity Owner Data Portal for owners and facilities managers who want to better understand and access model data in a simple format.

IMAGINiT Clarity Pricing

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