The latest Autodesk FlexLM (11.12) License Manager is posted.

Important Update: Autodesk Network License Manager is now available, see updated details here

With each new release of Autodesk programs there is usually a new license manager as well.  There are some small differences between 11.11 and the latest 11.12.

There are no interface changes, but it's important to upgrade, particularly if you are using a license file that contains any 2015 feature codes.  Autodesk has posted this article "Autodesk 2015 product will get a 0.0.0 error when using 11.11 NLM" Which basically explains you need to upgrade your flexlm when upgrading to Autodesk 2015 software.

Here are the links to the Autodesk FlexLM (11.12) License Manager downloads. Make sure you download the most recent version for your operating system and network type.


For more information, see this article: "Latest version of the Autodesk Network License Manager"

Note about Network Installation: If you are installing a new version of Autodesk software on a network, you must download and install the latest version of the Network License Manager to successfully activate your software. See How to Install the Network License Manager for more information. 

Click on the link below that matches your operating system and network type to download the most recent version of Autodesk Network License Manager:

Note: IPv6 implementations support mixed IPv4/IPv6 and IPv6-only environments. It does not support network license checkouts in an IPv4-only environment.

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