DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom UAV Range


The DJI Phantom Range of high quality quadcopter style UAVs (drones / RPAs) is now available from the Redstack eStore, including:

UAV Pilot Training

In addition to UAV sales, we also provide professional training to ensure you get the most out of your UAV / Drone / Quadcopter.  This 2 day course will provide you with hands on training and covers a broad range of topics to ensure you are well prepared to safely and legally operate your new UAV.  Download the UAV training course brochure.

Advanced and Professional

Be your own director and tell your story as you never have before. Reach for the sky and capture professional quality footage from a new aerial perspective.  With a crystal clear camera, real time High Definition video display, and intuitive flight controls, the possibilities are endless.

Outstanding Aerial Video

Imagine epic, immersive footage at your fingertips. Imagine capturing content fit for the big screen,  with crisp images, beautiful resolution, and vivid colors. With an integrated, stabilized camera,  your Phantom UAV brings your imagination to life.

Live High Definition View

Experience a new view of your world, over distances up to 2 kilometres and in real time. Simply connect your tablet or smartphone, and a 720p High Definition view of your camera is displayed live. This immersive view streams to you in absolute clarity, enabling you to get that perfect shot and experience flying in a unique way.

This live view is made possible by DJI Lightbridge image transmission technology that is used by professional cinematographers and photographers who demand nothing but the best. Fly while seeing everything in High Definition, and feel what it's like to be above your world without ever leaving the ground.

Allowing this unprecedented long range is DJI’s proprietary quad-antennae design. Each of the four legs of your Phantom contains a high-powered antenna, all constantly broadcasting a live video feed and receiving control commands from all directions.

Complete Control

Keep your Phantom controlled and under your command while accessing the mos -used features right from your included remote controller.

Giving you full control at almost triple the range of previous Phantom models – up to 2 kilometers – is the built-in DJI Lightbridge, which handles all communication to and from your Phantom 3.

This crucial piece of your flight experience has been engineered specifically for flying camera platforms, making every flight easy, safe and intuitive.

Unmatched Safety for Inexperienced Pilots 

A unique Beginner Mode helps you learn how to fly in a safe, limited area. Your Phantom UAV can be set to fly within a given distance and altitude from you, protecting your Phantom and making it automatically stay inside your desired limits.

This invisible, GPS-enabled “geofence” prevents you from accidentally flying into unwanted areas or obstacles, and helps you enjoy flying while safely learning at the same time.

Powerful Mobile App

Complete power is at your fingertips. Control the camera and change your flight settings, all from a mobile device. Plus:

  • Automatic video editor that helps piece together your best footage in just seconds
  • Ability to live stream and share your flights with YouTube
  • Live map that tracks your Phantom UAV at all times
  • User friendly interface for adjusting your camera and flight settings
  • And much more...

Vision Positioning

Fly indoors, low to the ground, and in GPS free areas with Vision Positioning technology. Visual and ultrasonic sensors scan 
the ground beneath your Phantom UAV for patterns, enabling it to identify its position and move with accuracy.

Easy Flying

Flying your Phantom UAV is remarkably intuitive and easy. From takeoff to landing, it is completely under your control, responding to your commands while automatically handling the most difficult aspects of safe, stable flight.

Worry Free Autopilot

Automatic elements of your Phantom UAV's intelligent flight system help you fly and are available at the touch of a button.

  • Auto Take-Off

With one tap of the DJI Pilot app, your Phantom UAV will turn on its motors and rise to a pre-set height. It will then hover and remain perfectly in place until you direct it where to go.

  • Auto Return Home

When GPS is available, your Phantom UAV remembers the exact spot that it took off from. Wherever your aircraft is flying, you can tap a button to have it return right back where it started.

  • Failsafe

If the Intelligent Flight Battery is running low, or if your Phantom UAV loses the connection with your remote controller for any reason, the aircraft will automatically return to the takeoff point and land itself safely.

Automatic Flight Logs

Your Phantom UAV automatically logs and remembers the details of each flight you take. Complete flight route, flight time, flight distance, flight location, and cached versions of any photos and videos you took during your flight are available at your fingertips for future reference. At the same time, an advanced flight recorder constantly records data from all of your Phantom UAV’s internal mechanisms, which can be easily shared with the DJI support team if you ever have any concerns or questions.

Intelligent Battery

Higher voltage, greater energy, and more power combine to give you a vastly improved flight experience. This upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery has built-in sensors and bright LED lights that let you know the status and remaining power of your battery in real time. Your Phantom UAV continuously calculates its current distance from you and the amount of power needed to return, so you always know how long you can continue flying and when it's time to recharge.

Unmatched Propulsion

Each motor has the power and precision needed to give you the best flight experience possible. Brushless motors work with lightning-fast ESCs to make your Phantom UAV fast, agile, and responsive.

These powerful motors give you the ability to speed up, quickly increase or decrease altitude, and stop immediately.  DJI’s powerful air braking mechanisms stop your Phantom 3 and make it hover in place as soon as you release the control sticks.  Aerodynamic self-tightening propellers boost thrust and stay firmly in place no matter how you fly.

Software Development Kit (SDK) App Development

Have a new idea that requires a view from the sky? Develop your own app by using the DJI Software Development Kit. The Phantom UAV platform is fully open and allows you to program apps that:

  • Control The Camera

Take pictures, record video, and control camera tilt and settings, all based on your app’s needs.

  • Follow Me

Program your Phantom UAV to act as your own personal, flying film crew.

  • Access Real-Time Footage

Record and analyze your Phantom UAV’s live HD video stream. Use this real-time visual information to make your app more powerful and useful.

  • Gather Flight Data

Full flight telemetry, including the Phantom UAV’s live altitude, speed, distance, and more, is available to your app.

  • Follow Me

Program your Phantom UAV to act as your own personal, flying film crew.

  • Ground Station

Set waypoints and assign automatic actions for your aircraft to follow.

  • Gather Flight Data

Full flight telemetry, including the Phantom UAV’s live altitude, speed, distance, and more, is available to your app.

  • Point of Interest

Select a location or object to focus on, and the Phantom UAV will continuously face it, no matter how you fly.

DJI Phantom UAV Pricing

The DJI Phanton UAV range is now available for purchase online from the Redstack eStore.

Contact us for more information.

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