How is Sydney's Leaf Architecture putting Collaboration for Revit to the test?

Collaboration for Revit delivers valuable benefits in the design sphere. Daniel Smith of Sydney's Leaf Architecture discusses its use at his firm.

Leaf Architecture

One of the undeniable benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is its framework for fostering collaborative work throughout planning, design, construction and management of an asset.

Now, the subscription-based Autodesk Collaboration for Revit cloud service is providing the means to actually carry out those cooperative practices. Through this platform, all teams have access to essential project details, models and files through the mobility offered by the cloud. Such capabilities are set to deliver a number of benefits to stakeholders throughout the industry.

To get a better perspective on the difference Collaboration for Revit is making on the front lines, Redstack spoke with Daniel Smith - director of Leaf Architecture in Sydney's Inner West - who has been using the service for about three months. What Collaboration for Revit has enabled within the Leaf Architecture team serves as a model for best practices across the industry.

Education, building and community

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Leaf Architecture, a boutique practice focusing on buildings in community spaces, is a reflection of its director's personal philosophy - something that becomes abundantly clear when speaking with him. Daniel has a deep passion for this branch of architecture, and he has sought to bring what he enjoys most about the education sphere into his work.

"We're a practice that focuses predominantly around the education market, but overall, we focus on what I would refer to as community architecture - be it schools or other community-related facilities," he said.

"The intent being with the majority of our work that we're contributing to the broader society in a positive way."

At present, about 80 to 90 per cent of Leaf Architecture's projects have focused around schools themselves.

Finding support with Redstack

Working with Collaboration for Revit has really helped Daniel bring together a studio culture that emphasises creativity and cooperation, and it was an early experience with Redstack that set him on that path.

When he first established his licencing, Daniel obtained most of his software subscriptions directly from the Autodesk website. However, he noted, he found that he needed a higher level of assistance. Seeking answers, he found Redstack. 

"I came across Redstack with some queries that I had, which had a fairly abrupt timeline," he said.

"Regardless of the fact that I hadn't bought anything through them, they spent a reasonable amount of time helping me out. So, I've since been transferring licences, one by one as they're due for renewal, across to Redstack based on that support."

Bringing Collaboration for Revit into the practice

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At Leaf Architecture, there is a strong emphasis on cooperation. As such, Daniel needed a tool to allow people in different locations to work on the same file at the same time. He looked into his options, but it was a recommendation from Redstack - and what he calls a leap of faith on his part - that landed him with Collaboration for Revit.

In the few months that he's been using it, he's uncovered quite a number of benefits - including several that he wasn't expecting when he first signed up. One of the most significant of these is the ability to see how projects are progressing.

"As director of the practice, I'm involved with a multitude of other things that aren't necessarily full project-related. So being able to tap in and see where everyone's up to and check out their work has been quite helpful," he said.

"Having the backbone of communication is critical in those situations, so enabling messaging between each of the team members is quite beneficial. Otherwise, you end up with people working in silos, and that's not helpful."

Daniel also noted that Collaboration for Revit has provided an unexpected - but highly appreciated - advantage for security. Thanks to sharing settings, he has been able to share files with consultants outside of the business without worrying about compromising his firm's intellectual property. Given that this is where much of the firm's value lives, having that safeguard in place is essential.

A real asset for the firm

Perhaps the most impressive benefit of Collaboration for Revit is that it allows Leaf Architecture to maximise productivity while maintaining the nimbleness of a smaller company.

"We really do need to stitch together all resources from time to time. We can have the same output as a larger firm if we work smarter, and we can be a lot more agile and adaptive to the market than what a corporate firm can," Daniel said.

"We've just released one of our big jobs to tender, so that's really enabled me to pull all resources together. Everyone worked quite hard and diligently on that to achieve that goal. I don't think I would have been able to meet the deadline without a tool drawing everyone together at that point."

Can Collaboration for Revit deliver similar benefits for your organisation? Get in touch with Redstack to learn more. With the latest specials, there's never been a better time to put it to the test. 

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