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Virtual Reality and Visualisation software for architecture, engineering and construction professionals.

Fuzor  was developed with productivity and connectivity in mind. Fuzor will take you beyond visualisation with solutions for every stage of your architecture, design, engineering and construction projects. Fuzor's unique capabilities turn your design into a living Virtual Reality document, empowering you to take your project from the design phase through validation and analysis, then into the construction phase and even further if you wish.

Fuzor from Redstack delivers a range of unique solutions tailored to meet industry needs.

Fuzor Versions

Fuzor is available in 5 separate versions.  See a comparison of the 4 Fuzor versions.

  • VR Collaboration
  • Design Synergy
  • BIM Solution
  • Ultimate
  • VDC (Virtual Design and Construction)

Turn Key Realtime Virtual Reality Solutions

Fuzor Pricing

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Fuzor Features

Your multi-platform VR solution with no prep work required!

Fuzor VR Goggles

Existing visualisation methods often require many steps to prepare your model for VR viewing. This process can be difficult and time consuming, with any change to your design requiring you to start the process all over again. Fuzor bypasses these problems, allowing you to put on your VR goggles and dive directly into your Fuzor model. If you have design changes, you can make and update them in real time withLive Link technology then jump right back into Virtual Reality. Fuzor will also work with Google Cardboard and mobile devices for VR viewing on the go! Fuzor combines VR technologies with live collaboration tools via the Fuzor Realtime Peer-to-Peer Collaboration platform, allowing team members or clients to view design changes in VR as they are made.

Live link Support for Revit to Increase your Productivity

Also links with Rhino and ArchiCAD.  Standard CAD software tools lack the spatial capabilities needed to explore and truly grasp your design.  A 3D environment can be beneficial to concepting ideas, but other software solutions lack the ability to both visualise 2D and 3D changes in realtime as well as bring 3D spatial changes back into your 2D drawings. To solve this problem, Fuzor offers our bidirectional Live Link, granting you added freedom to both explore and modify your design.

Realtime 2D View Sheet Generation (Fuzor VDC)


3D project models give an enriched spatial sense that 2D views can't provide, but 3D models may not deliver data in a fashion necessary to complete phyisical construction. Conversely finished 2D drawings can't filter out information like digital models can, forcing readers to spend large amounts of time filtering through irrelevant data for key information when it's needed. Fuzor VDC gives you the best of both worlds. View your 3D model alongside your automated 2D viewsheet or generate custom view sheets of your own and get a clearer understanding of your project.


Fuzor Interoperability

As the architecture, engineering and construction market market continues to expand, so do the range of software tools, but these tools don't always work together well.  Fuzor allows you to validate  your different models as one project, add family objects from your authoring software and take your design process to a whole new level of interoperability.

Multi-User VR Collaboration Platform with Private Cloud Solution

Ongoing communication is essential for an accelerated design review process, but getting a project team together to discuss project issues can be almost impossible. Fuzor solves this problem.

Fuzor's Multi User VR Collaboration Platform allows stakeholders to explore, review and modify project files independently or simultaneously from anywhere in the world from their own computer or mobile device.

Host or join a realtime Peer-to-Peer Collaboration session and actively review your design with stakeholders, or let parties review and make changes to a central Fuzor model utilizing Fuzor's Worksharing Collaboration feature. You can also overcome security concerns, legal limitations and international restrictions by hosting your project files on a private cloud within the your own company network.

QR Code Reader

Fuzor QR Code

QR codes allow you to quickly and easily connect the digital and offline worlds. Fuzor and Fuzor Mobile give you access to the utility of QR with our code generation and code reading capabilities. Create QR codes for parts of your project model in Fuzor, then distribute those codes to quickly and easily direct attention to those objects and their associated issues in Fuzor Mobile. You can also print the codes and use them throughout the job site for quick and easy access to information.

Tree Seasons and Simulated Growth

Landscape designers select foliage for shape, color, coverage and region, but rarely are trees planted full grown, they grow over time. To accommodate your foliage needs, Fuzor provides our extensive foliage library complete with seasonal selection and the unique Tree Growth feature, letting you simulate tree growth cycles of 5, 10 and 15 years. Note, Tree Growh is not a standard feature, it is available for purchase separately. Extended Library purchases include tree growth per the purchased region.

PTS Point Cloud Support

Fuzor Point Cloud Support

Point cloud data supports the design process by providing a real world context in which designers can re-create referenced objects or insert additional 3D models. Fuzor allows you to combine your PTS point cloud data into your model, then goes a step beyond by letting you add physics to your point cloud, opening up a whole new realm of design, validation and analysis possibilities. Note: Point cloud viewing is not currently supported on our mobile platform.

Height and Safety Clearance

Height and safety clearance Fuzor

Design oversight is a major cause of time delays in project realisation. Missed safety railings in obscure locations and altered clearances due to the addition of MEP for example, can lead to setbacks in both design and construction. To avoid unnecessary delays, Fuzor provides the ability to perform both height and safety clearance checks, ensuring your project continues to run smoothly with minimal delays.

Multi-gigabyte Project File Support

Traditional visualization methods can't handle today's large complex project files without severe slowing, making your design next to impossible to navigate without "optimizing" the model. But "optimizing" the model is a long process and strips your design of valuable information. Fuzor removes this need while keeping your project data intact, letting you visualize your unified project while maximizing it's functionality.

Integrated Reference Links

Fuzor integrated reference links

Asset and Facilities Management, or AM / FM, relies heavily on available building and equipment information. Fuzor supports the AM / FM process by bringing your objects' reference links from your authoring software into your BIM model and making that information easily accessible from within your 3D enviroment. Select an object and click an embedded link to access the associated reference information such as product sites and specifications and PDF manuals.

More Information

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