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IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit

The Indispensable Time-Savers for Autodesk Revit

Utilities for Revit 2016 supports only Revit 2016 products. We do also offer versions for Revit 2013, 2014 and 2015. The IMAGINiT Utilities are available in either Standalone or Named-User versions.

NEW in Utilities for Revit 2016:

Dependent View Copy
Automate the creation of dependent views in your model, based on an example set. This utility handles view naming, crop regions, splits and more.

Adjust Pipe
Pipes in Revit can be finicky – if two segments are out of alignment by a tiny fraction of an inch – they cannot be joined together. This tool provides a wide variety of ways to adjust pipes so that they will trim together, and you can keep on piping.

Other tools include:

Re-path a single model or several folders’ worth of information. LinkFixer allows you to update model links quickly and easily.

View Cleanup
Helps reduce file size and reduces the time you need to clean up excessive views from Revit models. It’s especially helpful when working with multiple consultants. 

Revit Excel Link
What it does: Export Revit project data to Excel and Import data from Excel to a Revit project.
2014 Enhancement: Use filters to control what you want to export, include information like what view on which a particular item appears. For importing, you can create elements you want to have in your model based on the spreadsheet, including rooms, spaces and sheet placeholders.

Space Update
What it does: Seamlessly transfers room names and numbers from the linked Revit Architecture model to the Revit MEP model. Eliminate tedious manual input of room names and numbers in different places. 
2014 Enhancement: An updated, more configurable mechanism to pull information between rooms to spaces. Copy across any information from the room to the space.

MEP Parameter Tool 
What it does: Update parameters across an entire piping or mechanical system in Revit MEP. Configure your firm’s parameters either as single values to update across the system or based on the size of each element. This utility comes in handy when updating parameters like insulation thickness, lining thickness, and system type. 
2014 Enhancement: Change an entire system (ducts, pipes, etc), based on criteria you set – like the sizing of the pipes. Includes being able to update things such as insulation thickness, system type, insulation type and more.

Room Renumber 
What it does: Easily renumber existing rooms into an order defined by selection. Insert rooms into an existing series with the subsequent room numbers “shifted” to make space for the inserted one. 

Element Renumber 
What it does: Enjoy the same kind of capabilities as our long-standing Room Renumber tool, but with other element types like grids, levels, doors, windows, and spaces. You can either renumber based on a selected order or insert a new number and shift the existing ones. 

2014 Room and Element Renumber Enhancements: Use a line to draw a path to create your renumbering sequence. Finds gaps and allows you to re-sequence in order.

Change Case
What it does: Instantly match your organization’s or client’s standards on naming with UPPER CASE, Title Case, or lower case. This tool scans your model and automatically fixes “case issues” to whatever standard you specify. 
2014 Enhancement: Configure what you want to change, like updating the case on parameters and elements.

What it does: Working with clients in other languages? Powered by Google Translate™, you can use this utility to automatically translate notes and room information from the current drawing language into one of six other languages. Includes additional configuration for special words and words that should not be translated. 
2014 Enhancement: Supports more than 50 languages.

*Enhanced features are available only in the 2014 version.

Additional Utilities include:

Dim Text Update Override multiple dimensions using chosen text options.

Parameter Concatenater Assemble multiple parameter values into a single text parameter using a custom expression.

DWFPlus Create DWF files with more BIM information - whether augmenting parameter data in 2D and 3D, adding hyperlinks, or creating new viewpoints to highlight content, DWFPlus will make your DWFs into the deliverables you expect from Revit.

ViewSetup Cover all the levels, phases and types of views you want with information presented to you in the ViewSetup utility in a grid, you can easily generate dozens to hundreds of new views with ease. 

GridSelect Select Revit elements based on the grid they are on. Select walls, columns, beams and more. Choose the current level or all levels and select collinear or touching beams. 

Door Mark Update Make door marks refer to the room that the door swings into. Enables you to inspect and override the suggested marks and updates the marks. Also provides user-specified suffixes. 

Revit Content Browser Use a Web browser inside of Revit to connect to industry content sites or your own internal site. All in one step, you can download content, store it in the proper library, rename it, and load it into the current model. 

Earth Connector for Revit Watch your building come together, phase by phase, within Google Earth. This utility supports Revit Phases working with Google Earth time spans.

Room Phase Copy More Revit users are employing Revit’s Phases to represent as-builts or multi-phase projects, but Revit’s Rooms are limited to a single phase. The Room Phase Copy tool makes it easy to copy Rooms from one phase to the same location in another phase and push updates on an ongoing basis.

Parameter Copy Easily copy information between parameters across the whole Revit model. Whether moving parameters for type to instance, host to element, room to component or even just switching to a new parameter, this utility takes a grueling task and makes it easy.

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