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With a team of highly qualified and experienced technical specialists, we have the expertise to identify critical issues in your operations.  We will then work with you to plan and implement a tailored solution to suit your individual needs through our suite of services.

About our Services

Our design and engineering consultants have extensive experience in providing tailored solutions to a variety of design and engineering challenges for our clients across the country, enabling new capabilities that improve the bottom line.

We provide a wide range of project-based services customized to meet the needs of clients, including product design, reverse engineering, creating dynamic on-line catalogs, and automating processes of all types.

If you don’t see something you need, just ask us about it. We have some amazing talent that thrives on solving problems.

BIM Implementation Services

Redstack is a leading provider of BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to architecture, engineering and construction professionals. With over 20 years of local and international experience, we have the expertise and proven experience to successfully implement BIM on your next project.  

See more information below or download our BIM Implementation Services Brochure.

Proven BIM Expertise

Working with our Redstack Asia partners, we have extensive experience implementing BIM on major projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, including:

  • NTU (Nanyang Technologies University), Singapore
  • TG Loyd Orchard Road condominium, Singapore
  • SMRT Substation, Singapore
  • T4 Jewel Changi airport, Singapore
  • National Cancel Institute hospital, Malaysia
  • IJM for Reading University, Malaysia
  • WCT for My Town. Malaysia
  • MMC Gamuda for South East line, Malaysia
  • WCT Al Ali for Lusail underground CP, Qatar
  • Ministry of Construction for Hanoi (BIM+GIS), Vietnam
  • Star for Haneda Airport, Japan

Before committing to work with any BIM partner, ensure they have proven experience in delivering successful BIM projects.

BIM Services

We offer a broad range of BIM services to improve productivity from concept development, through to construction and facilities and building lifecycle management in the following key areas:

BIM Consulting
Our experience in delivering BIM projects enables us to provide clients with expert consulting services and advice.

On Site BIM Mentoring
Our experts will work closely with your team to understand your projects, unique circumstances and any challenges you are facing to develop and implement solutions to ensure you meet deadlines and deliver outcomes. Our mentoring services include on site tuition, project planning and project specific training.

BIM Documentation
Take advantage of our experience in creating and delivering detailed BIM documentation. We provide all the documentation you need to ensure your staff are adopting processes, adhering to standards and using software consistently. We can produce high quality documentation including:

  • Software standards manuals
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Company procedures
  • BIM Implementation plans

We work with our clients to incorporate project wide best practices for modelling and documentation, mapping out processes, managing tasks, documenting setups and implementing quality control procedures to minimise risk and produce high quality

BIM for Construction
Construction has become increasingly complex, with tighter schedules and budgets. Bim is enabling us to streamline workflows, maintain more accurate information, and keep BIM construction projects moving forward more predictably.

BIM for Facilities Management and Building Lifecycle Management
A high quality BIM implementation will deliver significant benefits beyond the design and construction stages. A building owner will incur significant costs through the ongoing management of their facility. Redstack delivers BIM solutions through the entire lifecycle, ensuring data for ongoing management is captured and documented in the design phase.

Revit Family and BIM Content Creation
Our highly skilled professional team has extensive experience in Revit Family creation for the Asia Pacific market on a range of projects including hospitals, commercial buildings, substations, residential units, electrical rooms, education buildings, industrial facilities and more. Our services encompass architectural family creation, structural family creation, mechanical, electrical and plumbing family creation.
View more information on our full Revit Family and BIM Content Creation Services (PDF)

Getting Started With BIM

Contact us for a free consultation on how to implement BIM on your next project. Our expert team will work with you to develop a customised plan that will maximise the benefits of BIM on your next project.


BIM for Manufacturers

There is a growing trend for building product manufacturers to provide 3D models that are BIM enabled to ensure that their products are part of any build projects. Few building product manufacturers have the know-how or resources, however, to create 3D product models that are BIM-ready, contain all the information designers and contractors need and are data-rich but not overburdened with info the building designer doesn’t need.

How do you decide which products you should model first? How do you determine what kinds of information to include in your models?

At Redstack, we have a team of building design and manufacturing/mechanical engineering pros that understand what architects and designers need in 3D product models, and have perfected a BIM process for building product manufacturers.

Whether you want to outsource the entire product model creation program or build your own in-house, we can provide the necessary know-how to help you create a comprehensive BIM modeling and publishing strategy.

We create (or help you create) product models with all the necessary BIM object information—all the technical metadata a designer requires, including part number/description, available materials/finishes, performance criteria, electrical requirements, code compliance, connection points, and so on.

Contact an Redstack consultant to have a conversation about the many ways REDstack can help you with your BIM product modeling efforts.

3D Scanning, Reality Capture and Point Cloud Solutions

Redstack now offer a comprehensive range of 3D scanning, reality capture and point cloud solutions.  

Redstack partner with Australian manufacturers Maptek and Avitus to deliver industry leading solutions.

Why High Definition Scanning? (HDS)
Reduce or eliminate costly return site visits by capturing millions of unique data points. With accurate geo-referenced information HDS provides the ability to create as-builts and topographic surveys without return site visits, freeing you to do more work, more effectively.
Using High Definition Scanning you can collect point cloud data on a structure’s current condition without significant disruption to the people who need to use the facility–offering the building owner a savings in worker down-time. Firms are using scanning data to create an as-built BIM model faster than when starting with an older CAD file or a printed document. Having true representation of the building as it stands today, rather than relying on construction documents, is more valuable because it depicts changes that have occurred since the documents were drafted. We deliver comprehensive solutions including all the software, hardware, support and services you need to realise the potential of scanning and point cloud technologies and gain a real competitive advantage.

High Definition Scanning systems can provide significant cost savings in many ways:
- Lower cost as-built and topographic surveys
- Reduction or elimination of return visits for re-surveying
- Reduced facility downtime
- In addition to direct cost savings, HDS systems provide other benefits including:
- Safer and unobtrusive data capture
- Faster, more accurate results
- Higher level-of-detail
- Shorter project cycle times

In addition to High Definition scanning, we also utilise industry leading software, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and photography to combine High Definition scanning with reality capture for outstanding results.

Redstack can provide all the tools, training and support you need to scan and work with point cloud data, however you may prefer to have Redstack provide scanning services for you. Whether you require the scan data to work with yourself, or you would like completed 3d models, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. 

Download our Scan to BIM brochure for more information on our 3D Scan to BIM services.

For more information on purchasing UAV or 3D Scanner products, see our hardware page.

Strategic Process Review

Whether your goal is more effective implementation of your existing design and analysis platform, or to quickly migrate from a legacy system, the commitment to improve processes does not always come with the internal expertise readily available to define, implement, and follow through with a large implementation.

Redstack’s Professional Services Group conducts a Strategic Process Review to uncover the steps for a long-term solution that will meet or exceed your business needs and goals.

  • Engage experts early to avoid wasting internal time and resources.
  • Implement tailored technology solutions that contain years of successful business knowledge.

The detailed Strategic Process Review process helps discover where the most significant pain is in the design, creation and delivery of your products through their design processes. We review various components and processes required and work with you to develop an appropriate solution to meet your goals.

Our Proven Approach

  • Points out problem areas that would negatively affect your productive use of design and engineering systems
  • Concentrate on your specific software technology and related design data needs and possible ways to address these needs
  • Group interview process leads to a consolidated set of requirements, recommendations, and finally an implementation plan

Download our PDF brochure for more details on our Strategic Process Review.

Process Automation

50-75% of an Engineer’s time is focused on non-value add tasks such as looking for design data, building BOMs, doing manual calculations, printing drawing sets for the shop and re-entering information over and over again.

Whether you need to minimize or eliminate redundant tasks, cut hours of manual tasks down to minutes, or eliminate errors and duplication, REDstack can help create design process automation solutions in which you realize immediate savings and/or risk reduction.

  • Design Process Automation Benefits:
  • Get More Work Done with fewer Resources
  • Cut Delivery Lead Times
  • Meet increasingly compressed project delivery schedules
  • Reduce Rework and Scrap
  • Grow New Product Development Efforts

Redstack can help you identify and address inefficiencies by reviewing your processes and automating repetitive design tasks.

Our software development experts are focused on design process automation. We have a seasoned group of professional programmers and project managers who customize, automate, and integrate technologies, streamline processes, and enable new capabilities for clients large and small.

Engineer-to-Order - SDS professionals have helped many manufacturing design-to-order companies reduce their design engineering time by as much as 90%.

Design Process Automation - Eliminate repetitive design tasks and add speed and consistency across an organization. Transform a painstakingly process and condense it to a couple of mouse clicks.

Systems Integration - We have helped many customers across industries integrate disparate systems to gain the benefits of error elimination, time savings, speed and accuracy.

Our CAD software development services also include:

  • Automation of Repetitive Tasks
  • Parametric Design
  • Web Publishing
  • Database Design


Slash the time needed for custom quotes

Redstack can automate processes and help you engineer one-of-a-kind products faster, with greater accuracy, and at lower cost.

Respond more quickly and accurately to customer requests for proposals by implementing a rules-based automated system. A design-to-order system will enable your sales and distributors to produce custom quotes that include a 3D model or image of the final product early in the sales process.

Using Web-based tools, we develop an easy-to-use customer request form that sales or distributors can access online to specify their product needs. The system will guide them to a valid configuration while capturing all details needed to quote the project.

Automated configurators provide bills of materials for accurate cost and price quotations, while dramatically reducing engineering involvement. This reduces iteration between sales, estimating, and engineering, which significantly improves proposal response time, accuracy, and customer service.

Cut engineering effort to a fraction of the time

Engineer-to-order systems like Autodesk Configurator 360, are developed by capturing the design process and engineering rules which are used on a given product line.

Given a set of requirements, rules -based systems automate the creation of complex 3D assemblies and drawings and create finished designs. Using the best practices in engineering technology, and materials properties we can pre-populate a CAD assembly with parts, dimensions, texture, and other information.

With designs based on engineering rules, engineers can focus on high-level design, rather than on the mechanics of the drawing technology.

Data Management

Maintain control over your Data

Spending more time searching through electronic data than doing designs? With years of experience in CAD data management software and services, Redstack provides an approach that applies industry best practices tailored to your organization’s needs. Redstack can help you gain control over your data and unlock the power of process through discovery, optimization, and productivity.

Keeping information secure and having control over your documents and data is critical to the continued growth and success of your business. Effective data management allows you to identify areas of need such as improving engineering staff productivity or decreasing wasted raw materials and incorrect drawings for construction.

With Redstack’s CAD data management software and services, you can overcome these challenges, improve engineering productivity and reduce incorrect drawings. We also help you adapt and maintain a constantly growing infrastructure to best support your business objectives.

We will work with you to identify, recommend, and implement an effective document management solution through comprehensive services that include:

  • Revision Control
  • Comprehensive Workflows
  • Document Security
  • Secure Web Collaboration

Redstack will deliver the CAD data management software and services necessary to bring organization and security to your data, along with implementing your design process without impacting productivity. Our goal is to help businesses organize, manage and track data creation, simulation and documentation processes.


  • Quickly find and reuse design data
  • Securely manage current and historical model, design, and project data
  • Standardize content for the entire project team
  • Share data outside of the design group
  • Co-exist and exchange data with current enterprise business systems
  • Scalability for multiple sites and larger workgroups

Systems Integration

Systems and CAD Integration: Bring it all Together

Redstack's team of technical specialists have helped many customers across industries integrate disparate systems to gain the benefits of error elimination, time savings, speed and accuracy.

Some of our systems and CAD integration work includes:

  • Engineering bills of materials (BOMs) with ERP systems
  • Document management systems integrated with Microsoft Active Directory for authentication and control
  • Clash detection round-tripping into the primary design tool
  • Programming workflows across disparate systems, such as CAD integration of engineering data and a corporate document management system
  • Synchronizing architectural building information model (BIM) data with Microsoft SharePoint to enable collaboration with building owners and other stakeholders

Software Development

IMAGINiT CAD software development experts are focused on design technology automation. We have a seasoned group of professional programmers and project managers who customize, automate, and integrate technologies, streamline processes, and enable new capabilities for clients large and small.

  • Engineer-to-Order - SDS professionals have helped many manufacturing design-to-order companies reduce their design engineering time by as much as 90%.
  • Process Automation - Eliminate repetitive design tasks and add speed and consistency across an organization. Transform a painstakingly process and condense it to a couple of mouse clicks.
  • VBA to .NET Code Migration - With the discontinuation of Microsoft’s Visual Basic platform, Autodesk recommends that all automation be developed using the .NET platform. You can count on the SDS group. to help you migrate your current coding, ensuring that your day-to-day operations are not affected by this change.
  • Systems Integration - We have helped many customers across industries integrate disparate systems to gain the benefits of error elimination, time savings, speed and accuracy.

Facilities Management

Improve Asset Use and Operational Efficiencies

Increase operational efficiencies and improve asset use for government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare companies, and corporate real estate holders.

We can provide facilities management services experts with real world industry experience. Strategic partnerships with best-of-breed FM technology providers, such as ARCHIBUS, enable our consultants to deploy solutions that fit your unique needs and objectives.

Our long-standing relationship with Autodesk and ARCHIBUS provides one organization that can help you with your facilities management, BIM, and CAD needs.

aerial surveillance, monitoring and inspection services

Save time and reduce risk with Redstack's  professional aerial services using state of the art UAV, HD and infrared camera technologies.

Utilising the Pegasus UAV solution, Redstack can provide tailored aerial monitoring, surveillance or inspection services to meet your specific needs. In additional to visual data, Pegasus can also be equipped with an infrared camera, delivering aerial thermal inspections.

Aerial Infrared InspectionAerial inspection services can save you time and significantly reduce safety risks when attempting to capture data from heights.  Aerial inspection removes the need to risk injury with scaffolding or cherry pickers.  With industry leading capabilities, Pegasus can deliver visual and thermal inspections in difficult to reach places, including areas that may be inaccessible via other methods.

Safe and accurate, this is the perfect solution when inspecting assets and structures at heights and can be used in a range of situations, including:

  • Power line inspections
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Damage inspections
  • Construction site inspections
  • Large machinery inspections
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Silo inspections
  • Conveyor inspections
  • Plant inspections
  • Pipe inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Aerial monitoring

Pegasus UAVRedstack partner with Avitus to deliver an outstanding service, only working with highly experienced and fully CASA accredited operators to ensure safety and high quality deliverables.  Redstack can supply high definition video and high resolution images with infrared capabilities to meet your requirements.

In addition to aerial services, Redstack can also supply you with your own fully customised Pegasus UAV solution should you wish to conduct your own aerial inspections.

Contact us for more information or a quote today.

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