3D Print Hard Splints In Less Than 50 Minutes

Dental LT Resin

Formlabs is now well establisahed as an industry leader in digital dentistry, boasting the largest dental 3D printer user base.  Thousands of dental professionals worldwide now use Formlabs printers and the numbers are growing rapidly at a pace of over 600 percent per year!

Dental professionals have performed over 50,000 surgeries with Formlabs printed surgical guides—and that’s just 10 percent of what dental users are doing with Formlabs printers. Formlabs have catalysed an industry wide shift from traditional methods to digital dentistry with 3D printing.

Formlabs have now released the Dental LT Clear resin, the first long term biocompatible resin in desktop 3D printing for manufacturing splints, retainers, and other direct-printed orthodontic devices.


Boasting the fastest printing time of any Formlabs material to date, the Form 2 can now 3D print a splint in under 50 minutes, and a full build platform with up to seven splints in less than two hours. Formlabs have also updated the Dental SG Resin and PreForm software to improve print speeds for surgical guides by up to 50 percent.

Read on to learn more about the range of applications, workflow, and accuracy of the new Dental LT Clear resin or order yours now at

Fornlabs Form 2

Formlabs Dental LT Clear Resin: A Biocompatible Resin for Long-Term Orthodontic Applications

Formlabs Dental LT Clear Resin is a Class IIa long term biocompatible resin with high resistance to fracture and wear that is ideal for dental splints, retainers, and other direct printed long term orthodontic devices. The clear material polishes to high optical transparency to deliver beautiful final products.

Dental LT Resin

Dental LT ecosystem
As a rigid material, Dental LT Clear is perfect for 3D printing hard splints. The best method for soft or hard-soft splints is to 3D print the model and thermoform.

Dental LT Clear Material Properties

Property Value Method
Flexural Strength No break ISO 20795-2:2013
Flexural Modulus ≥ 1.300 MPa ISO 20795-2:2013
Shore Hardness 80–90D ISO 868:2003

Download the Formlabs Application Guide for detailed workflow instructions that ensure precise results and optimal mechanical properties, and conform with biocompatibility requirements.

Highly Accurate for Precise Fit

Dental LT Resin

A detailed accuracy study of 80 Dental LT Clear printed splints showed that intaglio surfaces of Form 2 printed splints were dimensionally accurate within ± 100 microns over 80 percent of the intaglio surfaces, and within ± 125 microns over 90 percent of the surfaces. This was found to provide a precise fit on both patients and models.


Higher Productivity with Lower Costs

Dental laboratories use 3D printing for production, so it’s essential to consider throughput and cost per part. Traditional methods of manufacturing occlusal splints all have considerable drawbacks; casted splints have a lengthy, labor-intensive workflow, milled splints require expensive machinery and materials, while making splints intraorally can be very uncomfortable for the patient while taking up valuable chairside time.

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing significantly reduces the lead time for high quality finished splints, at a fraction of the total cost. The Form 2’s large build volume matched with fast printing materials means that dental professionals can now 3D print a splint in less than 50 minutes, and a full build platform with up to seven splints in under two hours, with a total cost between $4 and $6 per splint!

With the latest PreForm software update, Form 2 3D printer users can also benefit from speed improvements in Formlabs’ Dental SG Resin.   Formlabs have delivered a 20 percent improvement on the speed of printing full build and a huge 50 percent improvement on the time taken to print surgical guides.

  Splints and Retainers Full Arch Surgical Guides Quarter Arch Surgical Guides
Parts per build 7 splints 12 guides 18 guides
Time 1 splint / 50 minutes
7 splints / 2 hours
1 guide / 1.5 hours
8 guides / 7 hours
1 guide / 1.5 hours
18 guides / 4.5 hours
Cost per part $4–6 / splint $3–5 / guide $2–3 / guide

Dental LT Resin

“We couldn’t be more excited by how quickly 3D printing is becoming part of the standard of care in dentistry,” said Gideon Balloch, Dental Product Lead at Formlabs. “Dental LT Clear adds yet another digital workflow to a library that offers professionals more efficient, accurate, and affordable production methods, enabling faster treatments for patients with better clinical outcomes. It’s only going to continue to grow.”


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Dental LT Resin

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