3D Scan to 3D Print Workflow

We often receive enquiries from clients looking to use 3d scanning to reverse engineering and 3D print replica models of existing objects, with or without modifications to the original designs.

The following workflow will guide you through a smooth workflow using a range of technologies recommended and supported by Redstack.

Step 1: 3D scanning

3D scanning

There are many 3D scanners on the market that can be used to capture point cloud data of existing objects.  If you are looking to 3D scan a physical object, the Artec 3D scanners provide outstanding results. Both the Artec EVA and Artec Spider can be purchased from  The video below provides a comparison of the two options

If you are looking to scan a building, an entire room or similar physical space, this will require a different type of laser scanner and unless you will be doing a large amount of 3D scanning, we recommend outsourcing scanning to a specialist provider.  Contact us for a quote on 3D scanning as a service.

There are many 3D scanning hardware and service providers on the market and we encourage you to discuss your requirements with us to receive the best advice for your needs.

Step 2: Autodesk ReCap

Autodesk ReCap will prepare the point cloud file from your 3D scan for import into your preferred Autodesk software, including Revit, Fusion 360 , AutoCAD, 3ds max, Navisworks & BIM 360. ReCap provides a number of excellent tools like the Point Cloud tool, which eliminates the pain of rigorously finding and removing unwanted bad point data. 

Step 3: Autodesk ReMake

Autodesk ReMake allows you to refine a point cloud and create a mesh: Autodesk ReMake can generate high definition 3D mesh models from various sensor inputs. ReMake can also import and prepare meshes generated in other reality solution tools (or in CAD and modeling programs) to further clean up, fix, edit, refine and optimize for further digital workflows, for 3D printing or publishing online. Supported import file formats: native .RCM, .OBJ, .STL, .PLY(mesh) and .FBX 

ReCap and ReMake can also process photos, depending on your requirements, photos may be sufficient, although point cloud data will provide you with the best possible results and rich data. The video below shows an example of how a pedal design can be improved using ReMake and Fusion 360:

Step 4: Fusion 360

As demonstrated in the video above, it is very easy to export your file from ReCap or ReMake into Fusion 360.  Fusion 360 is a great tool for preparing models for either 3D printing, or with built in CAM software, machining if that is your preferred method of manufacturing.  Fusion 360 has T-Spine and free form modelling capability so it’s ideal for 3D Scanners. ReMake can export .OBJ files (in quad form) that can be opened in Fusion360, where the models can be converted to T-spline and further edited.  This is demonstrated with further detail in the video below:

Subscribing to ReCap, ReMake and Fusion 360

All three of these technologies are available with an Autodesk collection subscription.  Depending on your other design needs, one of the following three collections will provide you with all the technology you need for your entire design to manufacture workflow with one convenient subscription:

Step 4: 3D printing

3D printing

From Fusion 360 you can export a .STL file ready for imporing into your preferred 3D printing software package.  We recommend and support Ultimaker Cura, made for Ultimaker 3D printers and PreForm for Formlabs resin based SLA 3D printers.  Both are free to download and will accept .STL files.  From there your original 3D scanned point cloud file will now be ready for 3D printing.

Contact us today on 1300 667 263 for further advice on hardware and software options across the entire workflow from 3D scanning to 3D printing.

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