Create your own colour resin with a Formlabs colour kit

Formlabs have announced the release of their Colour Kit, the first integrated colour mixing solution for stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing.

Using the Formlabs Colour Kit, you can mix your own Colour Resin and create uniformly coloured 3D prints with the SLA benefits of high resolution and smooth surface finishes.

The Formlabs Colour Kit is now part of the Formlabs Standard Resins range. These are the general purpose materials for the Form 2, great for rapid prototyping, concept models, and bringing your ideas to life. Engineers, Product designers, model makers, and professionals across a range of industries love these materials for their high detail, smooth surface finish, and minimal post-processing requirements.


Colourful Parts Straight from Your 3D Printer

Colours help us understand the world around us. Colour can indicate which parts of a product to touch or use, direct our eyes, create contrast or cohesion, and connect a product to a particular brand family. Colour can create emotion and shift interpretations.

Formlabs' materials science team selects colours for functional materials, like the Formlabs Engineering Resins, for differentiation and to optimise for their respective material properties for different use cases. These properties are essential for reliable results whether printing functional parts or prototypes.

Formlabs colour kit


Choose Colour Resin for matte, opaque parts straight off the printer.

For realistic looking prototypes, concept models, and others parts where aesthetics are a high priority, Colour Kit enables you to print many models in one consistent colour, right off the printer, without the additional work of finishing and painting.

Choose Colour Resin for matte, opaque parts straight off the printer, or paint another material when your needs are more complex. Colour Kit and painting techniques can be used together if your models would benefit from a coloured base.


Colour Resin Painting
Many models in the same solid colour. One-off models in many different solid colours.
Solid colored parts with a matte finish. Multicolored parts, custom finish, added texture.
Colourful parts straight from the printer. Post-processing labor required.
Can withstand wear and tear that painting cannot.

May not withstand wear and tear.


How The Formlabs Colour Kit Works

Each Formlabs Colour Kit includes a Colour Base cartridge, recipe book, syringes for easy measuring and five bottles of Colour Pigment in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White. The pigments are mixed into the base material to create enough for a full cartridge of Colour Resin.  See how to make your own colour resins in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Select a colour recipe. Formlabs has tested 16 colours.  You can selected a recipe from the Formlabs recipe book or you can  mix a custom colour using the Formlabs Colour Picker. Measure the appropriate amount of Colour Pigment and add it to the Colour Base cartridge.

Formlabs colour kit


Step 2: Mix your Colour Resin thoroughly by shaking the cartridge.

Formlabs Colour


Step 3: Finally, insert the cartridge into your Formlabs printer as usual and print in colour!

Formlabs Colour Kit


16 Colours, So Many Possibilities

With the Form 2 SLA 3D printer and Formlabs Colour Kit, you can 3D print parts in colour and field test product concepts in shades that fit their environment, communicate their purpose, and align with your brand identity.

Formlabs Colour Range

Each Colour Kit includes a Colour Base cartridge, five bottles of Colour Pigment, syringes for easy measurement, and a Recipe Book.
Order your Colour Kit to start mixing, shaking, and printing!


Coming soon to

Contact us on 1300 667 263 for an update on when the Formlabs Colour Kit will be available for sale.  

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