Natural 3D Printing With FormFutura Filaments

Designers can now get a rich, natural look in their 3D printing projects with MetalFil, EasyWood and StoneFil Formfutura 3D printer filaments.

One of the most important steps in 3D printing projects is putting on the finishing touches, getting the perfect look for a creation. Achieving this with common plastic-looking filaments is rather time-consuming, but Formfutura's wide range of filaments offers a better method for creating the perfect aesthetic for any project. At 2.85mm in diameter, these filaments are an excellent option for the Ultimaker line of 3D printers.

Rather than striving for the right look with post-printing work, use these filaments to get the texture and appearance you're after right from the start. Let's look at three natural-looking filaments from Formfutura.

1. MetalFil
While some high-end industrial 3D printers are able to work with actual metal, desktop users can instead turn to MetalFil, a PLA-based filament comprised of bronze powder that gives it an 80 per cent metal content.

Available in two colours - Ancient Bronze and Classic Copper - this filament is used to create metal projects that are nearly identical to bronze and copper in appearance. Thanks to its composition, this filament can also handle a number of post-processing procedures for a much richer final look, including:

  • Bushing or sand grinding
  • Rotary tumbler or white polishing
  • Patina effects
  • Waxing and coating

Check out this article on the Formfutura blog to see how this post-processing work can give a MetalFil project an even more authentic look:

MeatlFil filament

2. EasyWood
As a project medium, wood is simply a timeless classic. Now, FormFutura's EasyWood filament makes it simple to get this beautiful look out of a 3D print. Not only does it look and feel like wood, it smells like it too! Made out of 40 per cent grinded wood particles, this filament is easy to use and is resilient against warping or misshaping while cooling.

Like other woodworking projects, items printed with EasyWood can be sanded down in post-processing, bringing out the rich colour variations within the material for a more natural finish.
Woodworking offers a vibrant range of hues, from bright pine to deep mahogany. EasyWood filaments are available in a variety of colours to match, including:

  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Coconut
  • Ebony
  • Olive
  • Pine
  • Willow

Formfutura Filament

3. StoneFil
Based on Formfutura's EasyFil PLA filaments, StoneFil lets you design and print out projects with the appearance and feel of genuine stone. Available in pottery clay, terracotta, concrete and granite, this filament is comprised of 50 per cent powdered stone.

Terracotta General
Terracotta General, printed by @justintime3D

One of the most exciting aspects of this filament is the feel of any final print. Thanks to the stone filling, projects are up to 37 per cent denser than those printed with PLA. This extra density adds a pleasant weightiness to projects, giving them a sturdier, more realistic feel.

Most importantly, this filament simply looks great. The matte finish looks as close to real stone as you can get in 3D printing, and each project will have a unique gradient and slight colour variations throughout.

Best practices with natural filaments
Due to the stone and metal powder fillings, StoneFil and MetalFil are slightly rougher on brass printer nozzles than plastic-based filaments. However, refining prototypes in PLA or ABS before printing final versions in these filaments will help cut down on wear and tear.

At Redstack, we've put Formfutura filaments to the test. They offer excellent value and result in high-quality prints, making them a great option for those with FDM printers like the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3.

Be sure to check out our online store for convenient ordering of Formfutura filaments and other 3D printing consumables. 

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