Top 10 3D Printable Objects for Valentine’s Day

If you’ve forgotten that today is in fact Valentine’s Day, don’t panic as there is still some time
left to quickly create something on your 3D Printer.  These should suffice as romantic presents
to give to your loved one.

1. Geared Heart

Description: This design functions with a hand crank and would be a great addition
to your office, or it can simply be used as a home display.
Made By: FollowMeOn
Download Crank Edition: Thingiverse
Download Motorised Edition: Thingiverse
Geared Heart


2. Romantic Dish and Vase Set

Description: This classic looking set consists of heart inspired vases in tall and short
variations. It also includes an optional heart inspired base and a matching three section
heart shaped sweets dish. 
Made By: richard_swika
Download: Pinshape
Romantic Dish and Vase Set


3. Hole in My Heart Cookie Cutter

Description: Here is something a little fun for Valentine’s Day. A heart shaped cookie
cutter with a twist.
Made By: Kayleigh Spring
Download: Thingiverse
Hole in My Heart Cookie Cutter


4. Heart Light

Description: This heart light is designed to cast gorgeous mood lighting, perfect for a
romantic night out.
Made By: mingshiuan
Download: Pinshape
Heart Light



5. Infinity Heart Pendant

Description: This pendant was originally made for a wedding, but it also works superbly
well as a Valentine’s Day present.
Made By: Sam Hightower
Download: Thingiverse
 Infinity Heart Pendant


6. Simple Heart Bracelet

Description: To pair with your loved one’s Infinity Heart Pendant is this beautiful bracelet.
Perhaps you could make your own jewellery collection using your 3D Printer?
Made By: Craig Beddow
Download: MyMinifactory
Simple Heart Bracelet


7. “I Love You” Box

Description: A circular trinket/present box with the words “I LOVE YOU” embossed in
the style of Morris/Goudy around the outside. There is a plain lid, or if you prefer, a lid
with space for an insert of your loved one’s initial printed separately and pressed in.
Made By: MakeALot
Download: Pinshape
“I Love You” Box


8. Heart Wings Cookie Cutter

Description: You can easily surprise your loved one with this beautifully designed cookie
cutter. The estimated print time is just 44 minutes, and depending on how good you
are in the kitchen, estimated baking time can vary.
Made By: OogiMe
Download: Thingiverse
Heart Wings Cookie Cutter


9. Male Valentines Duck

Description: By some, this pint sized fellow has been described as: “The Ancient Mighty
Leader of The Almighty Duck Empire”. Some say he is still floating in a bathtub to this day.
Made By: 3DPrinterOS
Download: Pinshape
Male Valentines Duck


10. One for Him, One for Her Egg Cups

Description: This fascinating idea will be a great way to include in a breakfast set. Soft
cooked eggs in a shell anyone?
Download: Pinshape
One for Him, One for Her Egg Cups
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