5 benefits of a mobile CAD app

AutoCAD 360

Designers can view, edit and share CAD files through the AutoCAD 360 mobile app. What are some of the benefits this delivers for users?

For designers that need to access and work on projects while out and about, the AutoCAD 360 app is an essential solution. A complementary tool to an AutoCAD subscription, AutoCAD 360 puts the power of sophisticated 3D CAD tools in mobile devices, giving designers a number of advantages.

Let's take a look at five key benefits designers will see when using AutoCAD 360 for viewing, editing and sharing important project files.

1. Improved stakeholder engagement
One of the biggest benefits of AutoCAD 360 is the ability to pull up CAD files when meeting with clients. Rather than lugging around physical blueprints, designers can simply show designs on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

A designer meeting with a client at the project site, for example, can show the design files, make requested changes and send the updated file to the client and other key stakeholders - all from AutoCAD 360.

2. Greater flexibility
Previously, any changes made to designs remotely had to be incorporated into a central file - opening up the potential for human error. With AutoCAD 360, any modifications are stored in the cloud. This ensures that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date version of a file.

Accessible through a desktop web browser or mobile devices - including iOS, Android and Windows - AutoCAD 360 is device agnostic. No matter what device, users can easily view, edit and share essential CAD documents.


3. Mobile offline access
Everyone knows the feeling of internet service not being available when you need it most. Whether visiting a client's office or a project site, there's a risk that Wi-Fi or network coverage will be spotty or simply unavailable. For these situations, it is essential to have designs available for offline access so there's no need to gamble on a data connection.

When using AutoCAD 360, designers can download specific files for offline access, making sure the models they need are close at hand. Once they are back within data coverage, they can sync back up with the cloud server to ensure all files are updated to the latest version.

4. Integration with latest technologies
Exciting things are happening in the mobile device world, and AutoCAD 360 is designed to keep the pace. One of the most important considerations for modellers using a tablet is the stylus - and whether it enhances or hinders design tasks.

Working together, AutoCAD 360, the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil create a seamless design experience. Users can draw freehand, and AutoCAD 360 will automatically transform these sketches into AutoCAD objects, which can then be customised and altered easily. AutoCAD 360 is also designed for more efficient trim and quick measure functions when using the Apple Pencil, making it a precise and user-friendly match.

5. More agile collaboration
The AutoCAD 360 app makes sharing designs simple. Not only does it provide tools in one cloud repository for convenient access, it can connect with external cloud servers for greater collaboration. Share designs easily through services like Google Drive or Dropbox, and get valuable input from collaborators while on the go.

Enabling this level of mobile collaboration can give stakeholders faster access to proposed changes, resulting in faster action and reduced project timelines - huge advantages for the client as well.

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