5 Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Ultimaker

Discover the 5 benefits that rapid prototyping brings to creativity and productivity in the design workplace.

Where once we relied on our mind’s inner visualisation capabilities along with trial and error to make decisions about new product development, we can now hand this over to the process of rapid prototyping with Redstack’s range of CAD software and 3D printers

Technology innovation in the 21st century has allowed everything to come to life quicker. We can take a virtual walk through a home we have yet to build, we can virtually drive a car we are yet to buy and we can touch and feel a product we are soon to develop. Embracing this pace means engaging our creativity at a whole new level, one that stays a step ahead and intuitively predicts market needs more effectively than ever before.

Rapid prototyping is one of these technologies. It releases us to move to the next level in our business with tools to create better prototypes and therefore products with more integrity, saving us time and money. We can then put our focus on the next wave of products sooner and continue innovating for the future. 

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is creating a physical, real life model of a product using CAD data and 3D printing. It means we can touch and feel the life size model of the product we are developing and assess and evaluate for better design whilst it is still in this relatively inexpensive phase of its life cycle.

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How will this stimulate creativity and productivity in the design workshop?

See into the future
Being able to hold your intended product, turn it around, touch it, play with it, brings an exponential increase in feedback to develop a better version. Changes can be made easily and new iterations of the product will develop a more robust, competitive product in the marketplace.

Excite your clients
You will build confidence and trust with your clients as you work through this prototype phase together. They can request changes, you can provide this for them. They can evaluate the product for improvements, you can easily incorporate these. They can predict problems in the marketplace, you can correct this for them.

Innovate for your business
The moment a concept that is in our mind becomes realized, whether this is a physical product, a home renovation or a piece of writing, the natural human instinct is to find ways of improving it. Rapid prototyping makes is easier to create new innovative products that are born from previous prototypes we create.

Innovation during this phase is inevitable.

Produce higher grade products
Producing prototypes that closely resemble the actual end product in terms of its physical dimensions and attributes will minimise flaws in the final end result. Rapid prototyping does away with the need to use costly specialised equipment to produce new iterations of the product, so design flaws can be ironed out during the design.

Save time and money
Getting the product as good as it can be during this phase will save your team from spending unnecessary time and money going backwards to correct mistakes. It minimizes angst in your work and releases you to get on with the future of creating new ideas. 

What does this mean for design teams?

Your design and development team can now create new workflows completely tailored to specific products for your clients. The ability to provide rapid prototyping provides valuable insights to your clients’ needs helping you stay one step ahead and bring more innovation to the table. 

How does Redstack support Rapid Prototyping?

Redstack has products, training and services to help your organisation to embrace Rapid Prototyping as a methodology. Explore our range of CAD software and 3D Printers, and develop the skills with our training and services. 

Call Redstack today on 1300 667 263 to discuss with our team or visit the Redstack Online Store at

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