Boosting agricultural innovation with Autodesk Inventor at HE Silos Forbes

HE Silos Forbes was named the 2016 Business of the Year in NSW, with a distinction for excellence in innovation. What role did Autodesk Inventor play?

HE Silos

The 2016 New South Wales Business Chamber Awards shone a spotlight on HE Silos Forbes, an Australian-owned family business dedicated to innovative on-farm storage systems. The company was named Business of the Year for 2016, and it received an additional accolade for Excellence in Innovation.

HE Silos is a family business - Australian Made & Owned We construct silos from 4 tonnes to cone base designs up to 500 tonnes and flat bottom units up to 1000 tonnes. HE Silos manufacture ranges of products from Kit Silos, Superphosphate Silos, 60 Degree Cone Silos, Field Bins, and Cattle and Sheep Feeders.  Learn more about HE Silos.

Behind the scenes at HE Silos Forbes, Autodesk Inventor software has played a significant role in the advancements that make the company stand out in the field. Larry Storm, Operations Manager for HE Silos Forbes, shared his insights about the company's experience with the software.

Making waves in grain storage
HE Silos    

Since its founding in 1969, HE Silos Forbes has grown to become one of the leading companies for the design and manufacture of grain silos in Australia. One of its signature achievements is the Thermal Insect Control System® (TICS™), a method of fumigating sealed bins or silos that overcomes the cost- and safety-related drawbacks of other techniques.

TICS™ can be implemented at ground level, reducing the need for hazardous work at heights. By harnessing UV radiation, it is able to run without electricity - an important consideration on many farms where power isn't readily available.

While TICS™ was a major factor in HE Silos Forbes winning these awards, Autodesk Inventor was an essential tool in developing it. This was part of a move to overcome a lack of software and bring the company into the future - one of Larry's key goals as operations manager.

Saving time and money with Inventor
HE Silos    HE Silos

At HE Silos Forbes, Autodesk Inventor proved incredibly useful in modelling and designing components used for TICS™. The team was able to model the system based on parts already available from suppliers, instead of having them made custom - which would have cost thousands of dollars in moulding.

"Rather than buy all these components and go through with trial and error, we could actually draw up what we wanted, get a prototype sent to us, do a test fit and away we go. It worked extremely well," Larry said.

"To get them made would cost a lot to mould, but we could do it easier with Autodesk Inventor. Being able to draw those up was a big benefit."

Larry also noted that Autodesk Inventor has also helped improve speed and efficiency with new designs.

"We can knock out a drawing, modify it or change a part in just a couple of hours. Previously, we had to go and prefabricate it in the shop, actually go and spend money with a prefabricator to make the part. Then, if it didn't work, we had to redo it," he said.

"Now, we can actually draw it up, sit around and review, change and modify it. Then, once we see that it will work, we can make it."
Choosing the right software provider

There's not much difference between the same software purchased through different resellers, but the quality of service and support can vary greatly. Larry's experience in choosing a vendor certainly reflected this.

"We looked at a couple of different companies, and I have to say Redstack were the guys that would follow up with you, talk to you, help you. And they still do today; I'm in constant contact with our Redstack representative," he noted.

"Their actual service is, I'd say, right up there with the best I've dealt with in a long time."

With its scalability and innovative suite of features, Autodesk Inventor can make a real difference in your organisation - and so can choosing the right software provider.

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