What does AutoCAD 2016 offer?

Lynn Allen shares her insight

Lynn AllenAhead of her June 2 Live Webinar: What's new in AutoCAD 2016,  well-known Autodesk Evangelist Lynn Allen took the time to talk Redstack through the latest update to AutoCAD, while also offering a bit of a history lesson and detailing how the software will evolve in the future.

With around 30 years of experience, Lynn has seen AutoCAD grow alongside the industries it serves, with Autodesk keeping pace as the supporting technology evolves to support more in-depth software.

Focus on usability

The performance of software products is constrained by the hardware they are installed on. In the past, this meant AutoCAD was challenged not only by the primitive nature of the machines it had to run on, but also by traditional design methods.

"Back then of course we also had the biggest competition for CAD which was hand-drafting, so people were still pretty determined that when it came to design it should be on a piece of paper as opposed to on a computer," Lynn explained.

As we now know, it wasn't long before AutoCAD products proved themselves, with the .dwg file format taking the place of paper as the industry standard.

Of course, software development is not about standing still and the future is likely to hold further developments for AutoCAD products as the related technology grows to support it. Mobile in particular holds the potential for further expansions.

"As tablets continue to progress forward and the software technology progresses forward, and maybe as we continue to leverage the cloud I wouldn't be surprised if some day we were using AutoCAD on tablets," said Lynn.

While there is currently a mobile version of AutoCAD, it is better suited to making amendments on site as the hardware can't yet support the full suite.

What does AutoCAD 2016 offer?

With the release of AutoCAD 2016, Autodesk continues to improve on the product, rolling out updates and ticking tasks off a user-created wishlist for features and fixes.

"There are some little features that affect the everyday use of AutoCAD and also some very big features that have been added in or improved upon", Lynn said.

Redstack clients will have the chance to learn about this new update directly from Lynn in a webinar​ on June 2.

"[It's] very helpful for the people that are already on the release, so they can be educated and aware of the new features so they can use them," said Lynn.

"And then, for the people that haven't upgraded, it will give them a chance to see the new features so they can decide if it's a compelling reason for them to upgrade."

Lynn also intends the webinar to help users get the most out of the new release, instead of reverting to old habits.

"I'd like to think that anybody who has upgraded would tune in and maybe see at least some features that they want to try.

"That would make me really happy if they were inspired to try some the new features, so that they can get the most out of the product they paid for."

On top of this, Lynn has also committed to Autodesk University in Sydney this August, where she will be presenting sessions in AutoCAD for attendees.

"I'm looking forward to another great event in Sydney, it was a fabulous event last year."

AutoCAD Tips and Tricks

Each year Lynn Allen produces a Tips and Tricks booklet.  Downlad your free AutoCAD 2016 Tips and Tricks book now.

AutoCAD Trial Download

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