Great News: Autodesk to continue offering network licensing.

We have had a few questions regarding Autodesk network licensing since Autodesk have announced their transition to subscription changes.  The most common question is "Will network licensing be available when perpetual license changes take effect on January 31, 2016?"

The Answer: Yes. Current network Maintenance Subscription customers will have the option to purchase a "network subscription*" for individual products. This will allow them to add licenses to their pool of existing, networked perpetual licenses of individual products. These additional licenses will be term-based, not perpetual licenses. This new "network subscription" licensing option will be available on or before January 31, 2016.

See further details below, or download the FAQ document.

1. Licensing Changes Overview

1.1 What licensing changes are coming?
As previously announced, Autodesk is transitioning new software purchases to subscription options only. (Link to: Press Release) In this phase of the transition, new seats of individual desktop software products (stand-alone and networked), will generally be available only as a benefit of Subscription after Jan 31, 2016. Perpetual commercial licenses of Design & Creation suites will continue to be available after January 31, 2016. Learn more about the Perpetual Licenses Changes

1.2 What happens to my existing network licenses on Maintenance Subscription?
If you have products with network licenses on Maintenance Subscription as of January 31, 2016, you will continue to own your perpetual license and retain the Maintenance Subscription benefits associated with those products. You will also be able to renew your Maintenance Subscription when the time comes.

1.3 What if I need additional network licenses after January 31, 2016?
We recognize that you may have a need for additional network licenses. In that case, you will have the option to purchase term-based network licenses (via a “network subscription”) to add to your existing pool of network licenses.

2. Details about “network subscription”

2.1 What is a “network subscription”? “Network subscription” will be a new offering; allowing customers to buy new term-based network licenses after January 31, 2016. These new “network subscriptions” will also include subscription benefits and are offered for a fixed term length.

2.2 Is “network subscription” right for me? If you currently have a perpetual network license, “network subscription” will likely be a good fit for you.

2.3 Is “network subscription” the official name of the new offering? No, the official name of the new offering has yet to be determined, so for the time being we’ll be referring to it as “network subscription”.

2.4 What benefits do I get when I purchase a “network subscription”? You’ll enjoy the same subscription benefits as you do for you perpetual network licenses on Maintenance Subscription, including:

  • Access to the latest software
  • Home Use Rights
  • Previous Version Rights
  • Global Use Rights (for up to 90 days per year)
  • Support
  • Access to the same cloud services as your perpetual network licenses on Maintenance

2.5 How will “network subscriptions” work?
“Network subscriptions” will leverage the same licensing file technology used for perpetual network licenses. You will be able to request a network license file for products on “network subscription” that can then be merged with the existing license file running on your license server. “Network subscription” and perpetual network licenses will be capable of running on the same license server. The combined “network subscription” and perpetual network license files will support the use of Autodesk products of up to the maximum number of users or “seats” connected to the server network at a given time. The Network License Manager (NLM) utility will work with “network subscriptions”; no new utilities are needed. In addition, most reporting tools are expected to report usage information for “network subscriptions”. As “network subscriptions” are expected to leverage the same licensing technology and tools as perpetual network licenses, system administrators and IT managers will be able to quickly set up, deploy, use, and manage “network subscriptions” with minimal changes from today. Questions and answers Note: Unlike perpetual licenses, “network subscriptions” expire at the end of a subscription contract. To ensure your end users have continued access to their software products and associated subscription benefits, you will need to renew “network subscription” contracts and update the license files prior to the contract expiration date.

2.6 Can I use my existing network license environment and tools?
Yes, you will be able to leverage your existing network license environment, and tools. No new servers or network license management tools are required for a “network subscription”.

2.7 Will we be allowed to use our software on “network subscription” globally?
Like perpetual network licenses with Maintenance Subscription, one of the benefits of network subscription is the right to use the term network license globally (i.e. outside Territory of purchase) for up to 90 days in any 12 month period. If you wish to use the term network license globally (i.e. outside Territory of purchase) for longer than 90 days in any 12 month period, you will need additional licensing rights from Autodesk (e.g. pursuant to an Extra Territory Rights agreement).

2.8 What if I need to allow my users to use their software globally beyond 90 days?
As with perpetual network licenses on Maintenance Subscription, you will have the option to purchase Extra Territory Rights (ETR) for your “network subscriptions”. Please contact your Authorized Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk Sales for more details.

3. Availability

3.1 Which products will be available with a “network subscription”?
Individual software products, currently available with perpetual network license, will be available via a “network subscription”. In addition, select products with unique licensing requirements may also be offered with “network subscriptions”.

3.2 Which term lengths will be available for “network subscriptions”?
Current plans include making “network subscriptions” available with subscription term lengths of one, two, and three years.

3.3 Which term lengths will NOT be available for “network subscriptions”?
Quarterly and monthly term lengths will not be available for “network subscriptions”.

3.4 Will “network subscriptions” available for Education customers?
“Network subscriptions” will not be available for Education customers when it is introduced.

3.5 Will “network subscriptions” available for Government customers?
For details on availability for specific government entities please contact your Authorized Autodesk Reseller or Sales Representative.

4. Buying “network subscription”

4.1 When can I buy Autodesk software products via a “network subscription”?
Current expectations are “network subscriptions” will be available for purchase on or before the beginning of February 2016, worldwide; more details to come as plans are confirmed.

4.2 How much will Autodesk software products with “network subscription” cost?
Autodesk will publish pricing on “network subscription” as soon as it is available for purchase. Until then, feel free to contact your Autodesk Authorized Reseller or Autodesk Sales Representative for an estimate of “network subscription” for specific configuration.

4.3 Where can I purchase a “network subscription”?
You will be able to purchase “network subscription” from Redstack.  Contact us to arrange your subscription..

4.4 Will “network subscriptions” be renewable?
Yes, “network subscriptions” will be renewable through your Authorized Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk directly.

4.5 Can I add seats or products with “network subscriptions” to my existing Maintenance Subscription contract?
Questions and answers No, a separate contract will need to be created. To make it easier for you to manage and renew multiple contracts, Autodesk plans to provide the ability to align the expiration date of your new contract with your existing Maintenance Subscription contract, at a prorated price.

4.6 Can I buy “network subscriptions” on a multi-year contract, but pay annually?
No, annual billing of “network subscriptions” on a multi-year contract, will not be not available. Customers will be billed for the full amount upfront.

5. Support for “network subscription”

5.1 What level of support can I expect with a “network subscription”?
You will receive the same level of support currently offered with network licensed products on Maintenance Subscription.

5.2 Is Enterprise Priority Support (EPS) available for purchase with a “network subscription”?
Yes. You will be able to purchase Enterprise Priority Support for your “network subscription”; pricing will be published upon availability


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