BIM meets living the high life in Singapore

Singapore's high-end Lloyd 65 condominium beat back construction obstacles to deliver on time, thanks to BIM. How did Redstack help the project?

BIM building   BIM building

A prime location, luxurious design and building information modelling (BIM) are three key ingredients behind the high-end TG Lloyd Condominiums - Lloyd 65 - in Singapore's Orchard district. Catering to a niche market, Lloyd 65 is in the heart of the city - conveniently located near the central business district.

Containing 76 units, a terrace with sweeping views of the Singapore skyline, an automated mechanical car park and plenty of other amenities, Lloyd 65 is a great example of boutique living. As such, its design and construction needed to meet some of the highest standards for quality, timeliness and satisfaction. A BIM integration with Redstack helped enable the developers and builders to hit these benchmarks and deliver a stunning finished project.

Putting BIM to the test

When Redstack joined the Lloyd 65 project in 2013, BIM was just starting to trend in Singapore. However, the TG Group wanted to evaluate the methodology and see how well it could fit their processes, all in preparation for upcoming government mandates and anticipated higher BIM adoption rates in the market.

To that end, TG brought in Redstack during the design stages to create a BIM model for the condominiums - one that was across the three key disciplines: architectural, structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing). Redstack's team of modellers converted existing 2D drawings to 3D using Autodesk Revit Ultimate and Premium design suites.

While Redstack worked through this model to provide clash detection and reporting, a team with TG worked concurrently from a 2D AutoCAD drawing.

"At the time, BIM was not a requirement," says Shirley Toh of Redstack Singapore.

"This was an additional step they were willing to take - evaluating BIM in an earlier stage in order to see the full benefits of it in a live project."

BIM software, support and services from Redstack


Selecting a partner for Lloyd 65 came down to a number of factors - particularly, what could be offered beyond just the necessary tools for a BIM implementation.

"They needed some professional help because - at that point in time - not many people were familiar with BIM," Shirley says.

"They were looking for a company that could provide not only software, but also service - one that could help and guide them through BIM modelling."

The TG Group recognised Redstack's technical facility, as well as its cost-effectiveness - the market in Singapore is particularly price-competitive.

In addition to the software, modelling services, and scheduling and clash-detection capabilities enabled through BIM, Redstack also provided BIM training courses designed for relevant guidelines. These covered using Autodesk software for structural, architectural and MEP modules. This extra level of support was instrumental for TG building up its own BIM team and abilities for future projects - a significant objective in light of the increasing BIM growth in Singapore and throughout other Asia-Pacific countries.

Delivering BIM benefits in design and construction

While working with Redstack provided a key advantage for the TG Group in future endeavours, BIM was also notable in its benefits for the Lloyd 65 project. One of the most important of these was clash detection and reporting, and the carry-on effect it had for the rest of the project.

When dealing with the three disciplines in design and construction, clashes can present a major setback. Without the full-scope perspective enabled through BIM, incompatibilities can go unnoticed up to the point where they bring work to a halt. 2D drawings are particularly inadequate in this area, falling far short of BIM in their clash-detection abilities. A 3D BIM model, however, provides a much clearer visual representation of clash - making it easy to flag and discuss with plenty of time to address it. 


This is an area where Redstack really displayed its effectiveness on Lloyd 65. Because the team joined the project when the design stage had already begun, it had to work to develop the model while still providing scheduling, clash detection and reporting as the condominium plans were amended and embellished. Throughout this, the Redstack team also worked with TG stakeholders to demonstrate the value of BIM at each stage.

The implementation certainly paid off, especially with clash-detection capabilities. Throughout construction, changes in requirements led to a number of obstacles that threatened to delay completion. Fortunately, with Redstack and BIM helping reduce errors and shrink the timeline during the design stage, construction was able to move ahead efficiently. Lloyd 65 was completed and received a Temporary Occupation Permit on schedule.

This capability - streamlining efficiency and resolving clashes before they impact the project - is where Redstack provided truly exceptional value for Lloyd 65.

More information on BIM

BIM is providing significant advantages for projects of all sizes and purposes, as well as for the organisations that implement it. Learn more about Building Information Modelling at our BIM website:

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