Are you ready for BIM Digital Construction? BIM Training and services will help you get there.

What is BIM Digital Construction?

BIM Digital Construction (DC) is an intelligent model-based process that is used in developing and completing a building project from design, through handover to operations management. It includes:


  1. A Methodology – BIM DC involves a methodology that efficiently delivers specific processes used during the design development, construction and maintenance of a built asset, providing a competitive sales proposition when bidding for projects. This methodology protects delivery schedules, reduces risks and minimises waste.
  2. Software and Technology – BIM DC involves the use of specialised technology and software collaboration tools such as Autodesk’s Revit, BIM 360 and BIM 360 Team.
  3. Team Collaboration -  Utilising software and technology, BIM DC brings all stakeholders together at every stage of the project. Your team collaborates, reviews, reworks and marks up, making it easy to ensure all stakeholders stay abreast of building development changes and milestones.

What makes a business BIM DC ready?

At its essence, BIM DC facilitates collaboration on large scale building projects so that problems can be avoided or corrected before they drive up cost.

Enhanced collaboration in any organisation supports the total working alignment of all teams. The traditional siloed style of working is increasingly disappearing as awareness – and adoption - of the competitive and cost advantages of BIM DC grows globally.

Therefore, first and foremost, BIM Digital Construction is about being at the forefront of industry, and capitalising on the advantages of a dynamic and emerging capability.

Wherever you are on the path of becoming BIM DC ready, Redstack can provide you with the advice and expertise to fast-track your journey.

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Why would you want to be BIM DC ready?

The ultimate challenge in delivering a quality project to your client is being on-time, on-spec and on-budget.

BIM DC is key to understanding and controlling costs - during design, construction, handover and beyond.

For example, during the 3D design process you will be alerted to potential problems, allowing you to adapt and amend to avoid cost overruns.  

BIM Digital Construction will reduce risks and give you competitive advantages that will make you a compelling choice to clients.

During handover, BIM DC provides manuals, specifications and commissioning details. When the owner or facility manager receives an accurate set of information about the building, the resulting efficiency of their maintenance planning delivers cost savings well past handover.

How do you become BIM DC ready?

Becoming BIM ready may not be as hard as you think. It requires a few elements to fall into place under the BIM umbrella. Firstly, you need members of your team who know the BIM DC management processes and are proficient in the use of 3D software such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks.

Secondly, you need to open the communication channels in your team and get them working together as the project progresses. This will be enhanced by the support of yourself and other key leaders in your organisation.

Learning the BIM DC Methodology through Redstack’s BIM Training Course is the final step in becoming BIM DC ready.

Redstack’s BIM Training Course

Redstack’s BIM Management Certificate 4 Day Training Course includes BIM Digital Construction Fundamentals and BIM Advanced Concepts with a competency assessment at the conclusion.

This course is available in a classroom style which provides a collaborative learning environment with a qualified expert. Alternatively, we can deliver training to multiple staff onsite. Online courses are also available for overseas organisations.

BIM DC Case Studies

As complementary services, Redstack delivers 4D simulation, QTO, fly through animation, Scan to BIM, CAD to BIM and integration with Facilities Management systems, and much more.

To learn more about how Redstack has assisted the implementation of BIM Digital Construction around the world, have a look at our proven BIM Expertise.

Call Redstack today to become BIM DC ready

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