BIM 360 Team And Collaboration For Revit – The Benefits Of This Dynamic Duo’s Collaboration

Essentially there are two products for the ultimate cloud collaboration benefits of Autodesk’s Revit - BIM Team 360 and Collaboration for Revit  - and the two work hand in hand.

Together, they provide centralised access to BIM data in the cloud for the whole team which means you have the freedom to invite professionals from anywhere in the world to collaborate on a project.

BIM has been around for many years and has been evolving as a process in the building and Construction industry. When cloud services became a reality it was like a turbo charge boost to businesses being able to use BIM for Team Collaboration. For a team of people working on a building project from many different locations, being able to access up to date project information was a huge benefit.

A few years on and collaboration is evolving – your design workplace is now in the cloud

With Autodesk’s BIM 360 Team and Collaboration for Revit, these two products together go a long way to enhancing collaboration and teamwork capabilities. Whether you are sitting next to each other in the office or 1000 kms away makes no difference, the tools available now for co-working are enabling true collaboration. You can view, share and review your files in the cloud with your team whenever you need to, enhancing collaboration and teamwork capabilities.

Collaboration for Revit – bring your design team closer

Historically, Revit’s file-sharing features facilitated multiple individuals working on the same Revit files within a company’s network, behind a secure firewall. Eventually, cloud technology enabled the development of Autodesk’s C4R – Collaboration for Revit, a cloud based hosted service connecting licensed Revit users from anywhere in the world to the same project.

However, a building project involves not only the design team but many other project stakeholders, who have contributions to make to the design process. This is where BIM 360 Team comes in and furthers the collaborative function, more about that further below.

Collaboration for Revit includes:

  • Multiple user access for licensed Revit users in the cloud
  • The ability to communicate in real-time inside the model
  • Integration with BIM 360 Team



BIM 360 Team – bring the entire project team closer

Where C4R provides collaboration between licensed Revit users anywhere in the world to a single project, BIM 360 Team provides access to the same project for everyone else in the extended design team involved in the project. It is a cloud-based platform for design collaboration that provides centralised team access to project data.

These people are a necessary part of the design who contribute mark ups and comments during the design process. Again, they can be working anywhere in the world but are not specifically Revit licensed users.

BIM 360 Team includes:

  • Centralised 500 GB cloud storage per user
  • View, comment, and markup features
  • Keep track of version history
  • Web and mobile access to BIM models




Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team - two workflows running in parallel for efficiency and accuracy

The integrity of the design data is kept within the hands of the Revit design team, who are responsible for publishing the most up to date versions for the rest of the team to work on in the cloud.

Essentially there are two workflows happening at the same time, for efficiency and accuracy, these are;

Collaboration for Revit: Revit users working in collaboration on the live project files and controlling releases and version.

BIM 360 Team: All project team members contributing with their design feedback on controlled releases of Revit files.

For more information on Collaboration for Revit or BIM 360 Team, please call Redstack on 1300 667 263 or visit the Redstack Online Store to purchase the products.


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