Robot Structural Analysis Now In Autodesk AEC Collection

Robot Structural Analysis

Autodesk have added Robot Structural Analysis as a standard inclusion in the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection.  See why this is great news for anyone performing structural detailing or analysis.

Structural engineers are using BIM (Building Information Management) to improve their design workflows and improve collaboration with other stakeholders on design and construction projects. When it comes to performing analysis and design, structural engineers often face a range of challenges, including:

  • Inadequate time to explore design options due to the use of fragmented analysis and design methods
  • Poor communication and coordination between engineers conducting analysis and designers/drafters modifying design models in Revit
  • Lack of integration between analysis and design models can cause inconsistencies in construction documentation

Autodesk's structural engineering customers have also said that BIM-based visualisation, structural analysis and fabrication capabilities have become “must haves” for their BIM workflows and are now required features to be competitive.

Recognising these challenges, Autodesk have added Robot Structural Analysis software to the Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection. You now have access to an even more powerful set of tools for design, analysis, detailing and fabrication in one easy subscription.

The seamless integration between Revit software and Robot Structural Analysis Professional facilitates the coordination of design information and construction documentation. The integration supports multiple workflows stemming from choices regarding initial modeling software and the use of multiple analytical models to split the workload. Revit also offers many tools and modeling practices to prepare a model for a smoother interoperability with Robot Structural Analysis Professional and can also support other common structural analysis software applications.

The result of this interoperability is a more efficient, streamlined and productive design process, giving you the opportunity to perform a more thorough analysis and help find the best structural design option, and a better understanding of design intent reducing errors and omissions.

Watch the following video to learn more about this workflow:

Key Business Benefits of Robot Structural Analysis Professional in AEC Collection

Robot Structural Analysis Professional software provides structural engineers with advanced structural analysis capabilities for projects of any size and complexity.  Analyse models with powerful finite element auto-meshing, nonlinear algorithms, and a large library of country-specific design codes, allowing you to work to Australian standards. Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional is fast and flexible, enabling quick and easy structural analysis. Complementing your BIM workflow, Robot Structural Analysis Professional can help you:

  • Explore more options that are analytically modeled and checked and linked to design models
  • Improved coordination across design teams by analysing and communicating changes to all team members 
  • Design a range of structure types more efficiently with country-specific design codes and support for multiple languages and units

Using a combination of Revit and Robot Structural Analysis software, the Buro Happold team has been able to take existing design models created in architectural modeling software and develop, analyze, and optimize the structural frame of the stadium. Learn more about this story.

Robot Structural Analysis
Image courtesy of Buro Happold

Robot Structural Analysis Projects

There are thousands of Autodesk customers using Robot Structural Analysis today. Here are a few examples of their projects:

Concrete Structure

Roboy Structural Analysis

Design: Balt Building Engineering (Belgium)

Project: Belgian Football Federation

Mission: Use of Robot Structural Analysis for the design of a concrete structure

Steel bridge with custom sections

Robot Structural Analysis

Design: IB Kwant Ingenieursbureau (The Netherlands)

Project: Lateraal kanaal, Almelo (Netherlands)

Mission: Finite element analysis of mixed wood & steel bridge, including pile foundation design.

Royal Theatre Ireland

Robot Structural Analysis

Design: GGP Consult (United Kingdom)

Project: Royal Theatre, Ireland

Objective: Finite element analysis of complex public building in mixed steel and concrete structure.

Scissor Structures

Robot Structural Analysis

Design: V.U.B. University, Brussels (Belgium) PhD of Lara Alegria Mira

Project:  PhD Research: “Nonlinear Analysis of Deployable Structures Comprised of Optimized Universal Scissor Components”

Objective: Develop an optimized geometry using Rhino, Grasshopper and Robot Structural Analysis for advanced non-linear analysis.

Wood – Steel bridge

Robot Structural Analysis

Design: IB Kwant Ingenieursbureau (The Netherlands)

Project: Steel bridge, Landgraaf (Netherlands)

Objective: Finite element analysis of mixed wood & steel bridge, including pile foundation design


More Information 

See many more examples of how Robot Structural Analysis is being used around the world by exploring the gallery of projects in the Robot forum.

Buy the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection from and start taking advantage of the many benefits of Robot Structural Analysis today.  Contact Redstack on 1300 667 263 for more information.

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