Transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit or working side by side?

There have been many blogs written over the last couple of years about the importance of transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit. But the conversation is now getting a little old and may we add, a little boring.

In reality, we have seen both products used side by side within many of our clients’ design and construction teams. With the increasing need for BIM Services and BIM based construction and design, Revit is the software to use, but AutoCAD still has many desired features.

There is no need to get caught up in the debate about either or, there is still a place for both software packages in the marketplace today.

The software does not make the architect or designer

The software is a tool to make your vision come to life. Like anyone skilled in their craft, their tools are an essential part of what enables them to produce amazing works. Likewise, AutoCAD and Revit enable your team to get on with bringing their ideas to life.

To stay competitive, if your team are not skilled in both, or have not yet embraced Revit, it may be time to start upskilling your team in both Revit and BIM Services.

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Using AutoCAD and Revit together

AutoCAD has a passionate and loyal following, with many designers and architects proudly displaying the buildings that have come to life using this software tool. Released in 1982,  there are many skilled users of this product who are custodians of original drawings created with the original AutoCAD. Newer versions will easily work with old file versions so you can access and review older drawings for additions or changes to buildings.

Revit was released in 2002 and is a 3D modelling tool that generates cost schedules, supporting collaboration inside a design and construction team – essential if you want to build with BIM practices. 

The similarities of AutoCAD and Revit is that both software products create 2D and 3D models and both have relatively simple rendering functionality so you can produce great quality rendered 3D models with both software packages. You will delight your investors and clients with these 3D models of what their future development will look like.

The differences between AutoCAD and Revit comes down to implementing BIM. Where AutoCAD does excellent 2D and 3D drawings for objects, Revit does 3D real life 3D models which generate further models. Any changes are reflected in all models, so an entire team can be working on the same set of drawings and know they are always up to date.


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Embracing Autodesk’s Revit will make you BIM ready

The BIM trend can no longer be ignored by any construction company. BIM is not a product or a service, it is methodology or a process of building and construction. It enables collaboration and communication between all parties working together on a building project so that everyone is working on the same set of drawings, at any time, from wherever they are.

BIM provides a substantial amount of information during and after construction so that models, plans and cost schedules can be handed over making future forecasting of building costs easier for facility managers. This is a key reason why BIM is being requested by more and more developers.

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In summary, both AutoCAD and Revit have their place in your design team

With the current industry requirements, both AutoCAD and Revit have their place in an organisation. This may change in the next couple of years but right now, having both skillsets will give you an edge over your competition in winning large projects.

On a different note, AutoCAD may also be a good way for your younger team members to develop good basic drawing skills before evolving to something as powerful as Revit. The budding architect and designer needs to be given an opportunity to develop their foundation skills soundly and this may be a good transition process for your team’s development.

Redstack offer Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD directly from our online store. We also provide AutoCAD and Revit Training to help you upskill your current team. Please visit the Redstack website or call us on 1300 667 263 for a chat with our friendly team.


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