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Autodesk Vault

The latest update for Vault 2018 is available now

Enhancing quality and delivering a more effective workflow is one of the main focuses of Vault 2018.2. Managing and displaying more information on queued jobs is made easier for administrators through the Job Processor enhancements. Requests have been addressed to assist users in day to day workflows by utilising community ideas.

Enhanced Job Processor
To process jobs with Vault 2018.2 Job Processor, a full version of Inventor is no longer used. In its place, a headless version of Inventor called Inventor Server is used to process jobs. Using Inventor Server eliminates the requirement to buy and use an extra license for Inventor, and takes away the need to install a complete version of Inventor, along with the Vault Client.

The Job Queue Interface
The Vault 2018.2 Update also includes an enhanced Job Queue dialogue. The administrator is able to continue working with the Vault client, while having the ability to open the queue and minimize the dialogue, thanks to the dialogue being modeless. User properties can be added, and the grid can be customised using the dialogue. To see the new option, simply right-click on any job, click on “Go To Folder”, and you will be taken to the file associated with the job.


Improvements were Requested by the Customers
To understand the challenges that users encounter using Vault, the Vault team utilises the Ideas Forum, the Beta forum, and webinars to continue to listen to the voice of the customer. The Vault 2018.2 Update includes the following productivity enhancements that were influenced by the voice of the customer:

Enhancements to Sorting Files
Finding file names has been made easier, as the Vault client now shows files names in a natural sorting order, matches the way Windows Explorer sorts file names. Forum post from Vault Ideas: Sorting Numbers in Vault.


Save to Vault
Save to Vault has been added to the Plot Manager’s toolbar as a default button. Forum post from Vault Ideas: Vault Plotmanager – Add Save to Vault as default toolbar item.  


AutoCAD – Date or Date & Time
Users can now choose whether to show the Date values without time when they put the Date property in the AutoCAD drawing. Forum post from Vault Ideas: UDP as date for Autocad + choose the format.


AutoCAD – Multi-select Support in Open/Attach Dialogue
From the Vault Dialogue users can select multiple AutoCAD DWGs in Attach, as a result of the Vault 2018.2 Update. Forum post from Vault Ideas: AutoCAD / Vault: Attach from Vault Option – Allow Multiple Selections.


Use Email to Send a Thin Client Link
Once the files have been selected in Vault client, selecting File à Send à Send Link, the email produced by using this command will include a URL link for Thin Client users. Forum post from Vault Ideas: Send Thin Client Link from within Vault Desktop Client.


Enhancements to PDF Publishing
Use the parent UDP values to customise PDF file names. Forum post from Vault Ideas: PDF Publishing – Using Vault UDP to create the PDF File Name.

Key -
<add key=”DesignRepresentation.Naming” value=”\.(idw)$/&lt;_name_&gt;&lt;Revision&gt;”/>

Result -
FlowerB.pdf where Revision=B

Key -
<add key=”DesignRepresentation.Naming” value=”\.(idw)$/&lt;_name_ &gt;&lt;Provider&gt;”/>

Result -
FlowerAutoCAD.pdf where Provider=AutoCAD


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