Use 3D Design Software To Improve Communication And Delight Your Developers

Once upon a time we could only imagine a 3D design in our mind’s eye after looking at the 2D drawings and how a building may take shape. We sat in boardrooms with sketches, plans and drawings on whiteboards, using our hands and facial expressions to convey an image of the building we were creating. We would step our clients through the apartment’s details, that would hopefully meet a discerning buyer’s needs, whilst your developer client would be thinking about how quickly they could sell them off the plan and start building.

Even though we would do our best to get a final, consistent image across to every person in the room, each would end up with a slightly different version in their own mind.

Today, we have the tools to vastly improve communication with our developer clients by using the sophisticated tools that 3D Design software provides to convey the details of their project. Products such as Revit now provide an immersive visual experience that takes you on a journey through the development so you and your client can predict both opportunities for better profitability and also to detect problems in advance.

Managing expectations with clients has always been a significant part of the design, construction and building process 

From the very start to the finish of a building project, these expectations are constant, that’s the human condition and it’s perfectly normal. Expectations start at the conceptual phase when a developer begins thinking about their vision and continues right to the end when the building is handed over. In the case of an an apartment block, these are some of the questions going through a developer’s mind:


  1. What sort of people will want to live here?
  2. What features will they want that are unique?
  3. What features do I think matter that maybe won’t be unique selling points?
  4. What are the characteristics of the suburb we are building in?
  5. What is the price range that people pay for these apartments?
  6. How many can I sell before construction?

With 3D design software, managing expectations has become a whole lot easier. The building design detail can be included in a 3D presentation to your clients, and your conversation can become a whole lot more robust! The amount of detail is only limited by your own time and budget guidelines.


At Redstack we offer Revit for 3D design software to create detailed 3D models

Both are widely used often in the same organisation to create 2D drawings such as floor plans and levels, along with 3D models, objects and construction documents.

Autodesk Revit is BIM software for architects, engineers, contractors and designers and creates a unified model that contains real-life information. It is great for modelling, clash detection and change management.

Autodesk AutoCAD is widely used commercial software for 2D and creates basic geometry that represents real life. It is great for drawing precise line work, such as level details.

How much time do I invest in creating a 3D Design Model?

How much help does your client need in visualising the project and will it be a more enjoyable process through design and development for them with a detailed 3D model?

The range of detail that can be included in a Revit 3D model for example, is only limited by how much time you have. It can include the building brick and roof colour to the laptop and cable sitting on a modern desk inside the home office. So there is plenty to consider depending on the relationship with your client, their expectations and project delivery timelines.


  1. How big is this project and investment for your business?
  2. How clear is your client about his/her vision? Will they need more detailed attention as the project progresses? If so, you may need to produce more detailed 3D models up front to minimise changes.
  3. How much detail do you include in your 3D design model? This relates to point 2 above and if you think you may need to manage expectations and help your clients through the design phase, then more detail up front may be required.



Use your 3D Model across other mediums

Once a 3D model has been developed to create the right expectations of the building design, you can then use this for print and brochures, creating 3D movies for pre-selling apartment or to create a virtual reality tour using goggles. This technology is available today, but more about this topic in a future blog.

3D Design Software available online at Redstack

Redstack offers Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection which includes the key Autodesk products for design and construction in one suite of software.

Call Redstack on 1300 667 263 or +61 8 8360 7000 to talk to us about Revit and Autodesk products or you visit the Redstack website and chat with our online agents.


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