"Like being in the same office":
Kleyn Creations and Autodesk Collaboration for Revit

Gary Kleyn Collaboration for Revit

Gary Kleyn of Kleyn Creations shares his experiences with Autodesk Collaboration for Revit, an exciting new tool for enhancing teamwork in design and drafting for architects, designers and engineers looking to collaborate on projects.

Kleyn Creations Collaboration for Revit

In September, we spoke to Daniel Smith of Leaf Architecture in Western Sydney about how his firm is using Collaboration for Revit. This month, we spoke to the man on the other end of the internet connection, Gary Kleyn of Kleyn Creations.

Looking to avoid the hassle of long daily commutes, and harnessing his wealth of experience, Gary started his own design and drafting company back in April. His work mostly involves houses, house extensions and small office fit outs - in addition to his projects with Leaf Architecture on schools.

The cumbersome back-and-forth

In their early projects, Gary and Daniel worked on joint projects by sharing Revit files through a cloud-based storage service. However, without the ability to work on the same file at the same time, Gary often had to wait until he got the file at 6:00 p.m. before he could begin working - leading to many late nights.

"We kept up a continuous back and forth every day for about a month. It just got too hard trying to coordinate, so we had to do something," Gary said.

When Gary spoke to Redstack, he looked into Revit Server and Collaboration for Revit. Collaboration turned out to be a better fit, and he's been happily using it since.

Putting Collaboration to the test

Just a few months in with Collaboration for Revit, Gary is more than impressed. Already quite savvy with the Revit platform, he was able to get going with the new software without any hassle.

One of the biggest benefits, Gary said, was that Collaboration for Revit greatly improved his project workflows - a massive benefit compared to how he used to work with shared files.

"It's just like being in the same office; that's the greatest thing about it. And the speed, there's no lag - it's fantastic. I haven't had any dramas at all," he said.

"It saved me from having to start work at 6 and finish at midnight. With collaboration, as problems crop up during the job, you can discuss them. Before, if I was working at night and if there was a problem, everyone had gone home; I couldn't do anything about it."

Getting down to drawing

Collaboration for Revit     Collaboration for Revit

Not only has the software streamlined Gary's work with Leaf Architecture, it has helped cut down on his own project times. When he begins a new project file, Gary has quite a few settings that he needs to configure. With Collaboration for Revit, he has been able to create templates that line up with that preferred configuration.

"It definitely saves in the initial setup of a project. It probably saves 10 per cent of the time by having it set up the right way at startup," he said.

"I can open up, model and draw - I don't have to go through the process of setting it up. It's how everyone should work."

Collaboration for revit

Collaboration for Revit and Redstack

While Collaboration for Revit has brought Gary significant advantages as a drafter and designer working with other firms, he noted that the software is only part of the equation. The other benefit has come from the team at Redstack.

"Redstack has been more than helpful. Our representative always gives a courtesy call and makes sure everything is going alright," Gary said.

"I think I've called twice for support, and they've always gotten back straightaway and sorted out the problem."

Gary has also been a fan of the yearly subscription pricing option, which he finds makes it considerably easier to get the latest updates to the software.

The right software and provider can be a revolutionary step forward for an organisation. Is Collaboration for Revit the right solution for your business?

Contact Redstack today for more information on Collaboration for Revit.

More information on Kleyn Creations:
Contact Gary Kleyn on 0424 233 331 or visit to see more examples of Gary's work.

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