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John PitcherJohn Pitcher is an integral part of Redstack's national support team. As a technical expert with extensive experience, he ensures clients have the support needed to achieve the most with Redstack's products and services.  Here is just some of the great feedback from John's satisfied clients:

"John was very helpful and talked me through it instead of just sending a document for me to work through. This saved me a lot of time."
"John is very good to deal with and always very help full,His knowledge on the product is fantastic."

Redstack's success depends not only on supplying excellent software and hardware, but also on its ability to provide support and services to the same standard. As a technical application engineer, it is my responsibility to ensure these standards are maintained for our clients.

Being able to draw on my extensive experience, both within the company and the wider industry, sets me up perfectly for providing clients with assistance in a timely and effective manner. With around eight years' experience with the company, there are few situations within the mechanical side of our businesses that I haven't encountered. This is supplemented by past experience with the practical applications of CAD software, giving me a greater insight into how our clients are using our programs.

At Redstack, our support network is a fundamental part of what we offer the industry, allowing clients to receive much more than just a software package. In my experience, clients want access to these resources, as no one wants to be left high and dry after their initial purchase. I believe customers are drawn to the fact that ours is local, allowing them to put a face to the name of the person they speak to on the phone.

The need for support and training services is driven by Redstack's products being mostly high-end software, placing a lot of demand on systems and often users as well. This can result in problems that are often significantly more complex than standard IT issues, necessitating a dedicated support offering like the one Redstack provides.

Through my role I use a number of technologies designed to assist clients with software problems. Although the majority of queries can be solved through phone or email communication, some can require a bit of extra troubleshooting. By utilising screen sharing and remote machine controlling, I can engage directly with the issues that clients face. These programs allow me to observe and guide users, or take control directly.

Solutions like these are great for problems that can't be solved with a simple phone call. They also blur the line between troubleshooting and training - the other part of Redstack's support network.

While an optional service, training is offered to all who purchase our products, and can be taken at any time during the relationship. At the initial purchase of a product, training can be added on as part of a package deal, ensuring clients can hit the ground running once the software is ready to go.

A wide range of training programs are offered, allowing clients to pick and choose what they want and how they wish to approach it. These can range anywhere from a one-day mentoring session to a five-day course covering a particular product in depth. In Adelaide, where I'm based, we also have a training centre, giving our clients the chance to receive face-to-face instruction on how to best use our software.

The flexibility of our training programs is highlighted by an upcoming project with a large firm in South Australia. Redstack will be supplying this company with 40 days of on-site training, giving their staff all of the resources and support they need to start using our products effectively.

Redstack's support and training networks are integral to the success of the business. They encourage ongoing relationships, and allow our clients overcome any issues to get the most out of our products.

Contact Redstack for more information on the current  range of support and training options.

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