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By Damien Jovica, Redstack
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What To Get And Why.

A CAD user’s workflow generally falls into 2 categories, modeling and simulation and getting a CAD workstation to suit your requirement is essential. While getting something better than what you need will delay the need to buy another computer down the track, getting something less than required will end up costing more than the money you saved.

One typical question from the people who hold the purse strings is why do you need all that power and another typical outcome that I see all too many times is suppliers of I.T. not understanding what is required for CAD and providing a sub-standard workstation. Whether it comes down to ignorance and budget or the both intertwine into a Purchase Order for a lemon, here’s some things to consider before you sign off on that next workstation

The Graphics Card

Get a Quadro or FireGL/FirePro Graphics Card and the most expensive one you can afford. This is the one area that is the most important yet gets overlooked time and time again. You can get a computer with a fast processor and heaps of RAM but if the graphics card is slow, then your CAD system will be slow.

It’s important because these graphics cards and CAD systems talk in a language called OpenGL. Typical gamers cards like a Nvidia GeForce talk in DirectX. The hardware is essentially the same except for minor tweaks, drivers and the higher price tag because you need to run CAD. A few years back, you could soft mod a GeForce and make it think it was a Quadro, run the Quadro drivers, and POW, you got yourself a high-end CAD Graphics card for peanuts, but the hardware vendors tweaked the hardware only slightly so you can’t do that anymore and they’ve added more Graphics RAM which was nice of them to do.

3D Applications like 3ds Max and Maya can take advantage of DirextX and if you want really high-end graphics, the Tesla is a beast.

Processor (CPU)

I’m not up with what AMD has out there, but an Intel I7 or XEON is recommended. If you’re doing 2D/3D Modeling, most CAD systems only run on a single core, so get the fastest GHz processor that you can afford. The CAD vendors are getting better at using other cores and new CAD systems are designed for 64-bit multi core architecture, but if you’re running CAd systems like AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Pro-E, Solidworks, Unigraphics, etc., then a 8-core processor, isn’t being utilised when your modeling.

If you want to run simulation studies or rendering, this is where a multi-core processor (or multi-CPU) will help out. They take advantage of the additional cores and use it to solve or render.


RAM is relatively cheap, so get as much as you can afford. 16GB-32GB is ideal.

Hard Drive

A while back, I wouldn’t even worry about what kind of hard drive to get, but with SSD and Hybrid SSD’s in the market, they will definitely help loading up large assembly files. You’re Hard Drive is like your filing cabinet. The faster that is, the faster you can get your files onto your desk (RAM). When you run out of RAM, it uses the Hard Drives Virtual Memory to do file swapping.

The rest is up to you, 1 screen, 10 screens, mind blowing speakers, 3D mouse, ergo keyboard, go nuts.

The major hardware vendors like HP, Dell & Lenovo have a CAD level category of desktop and mobile workstations that has most if not all of these recommendations, but if you want to save some money and look at clones, then it pays to know what to ask for.

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