How can BIM support your business functions?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) streamlines various elements to produce a cohesive end product for a range of industries.


Regardless of whether your business operates in construction, infrastructure, utilities or building design and engineering, there are common threads - a need for productive, innovative and smart solutions to take the enterprise forward.

In these industries, time and budgets are constant concerns which means business leaders need to be confident that their processes are setting them in the right direction. This is where Building Information Modeling (BIM) is useful, streamlining various elements to produce a cohesive end product.

What is BIM and how is it used?

Applied across many industries and sectors, BIM is a tool that turns information at every stage of a project into something of value. In many cases, it is changing how various infrastructure such as building and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed - saving a business both time and money, but retaining its core project values.

The intelligent model-based process provides insight that can't be gained anywhere else - highlighting the importance of businesses adopting this approach moving forward.

Redstack and BIM

At Redstack, we offer industry-leading Autodesk BIM services through software. This technology represents a small, but important part of a successful BIM implementation, drawing key conclusions in areas such as planning, design and construction.
Over the last two decades, we have provided quality BIM solutions to architecture, engineering and construction businesses across the Asia-Pacific region. This includes T4 Jewel Changi airport (Singapore), National Cancel Institute hospital, (Malaysia) and WCT Al Ali for Lusail underground CP (Qatar) as shown in the video below:

While every project is very different, our BIM Implementation Services have provided outstanding insight to project managers and other professionals working on the infrastructure. As a result of these and many other examples, we are confident to provide experience and expertise on your next project with BIM.

What BIM services do Redstack support?

As mentioned above, our BIM scope continues to grow as the demands on these industries expand. This means we are always looking to improve our range of offerings and support your ongoing projects.

At present, our BIM services cover a wide range of topics, from concept development and construction to lifecycle management. Here is a list of our key areas:

  • BIM Consulting
  • On Site BIM Mentoring
  • BIM Documentation
  • BIM Modeling / 3D Modeling
  • BIM for Construction and Scheduling (4D)
  • BIM for Cost Estimating and Cost Management (5D)
  • BIM for Facilities Management and Building Lifecycle Management
  • BIM Project Management, Process and Collaboration Management Services
  • Total BIM Project Management Solutions

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list. We are happy to talk you through your project requirements and develop a customised plan with BIM which can add significant value to your operations.

Developing industry knowledge

In addition to our BIM services, we are also looking to engage with the community and increase knowledge and awareness of BIM as a concept. As such, we are continuing our support of the popular BrisBIM gatherings in February.

On Wednesday February 17, we will be welcoming several BIM experts from Singapore to deliver meetings to clients and present BrisBIM. These interactive presentations have been very successful over recent years and we look forward to seeing you at the Queensland University of Technology.

To register for the free event, log onto Here you will find a timetable for the event, registration information and event location. 

Want to learn more?

Contact our expert team for more information on how we can assist you with implementing BIM on your next project. 

Alternatively, you can also download our free BIM whitepapers to learn more about this process.


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