How is Collaboration for Revit enabling innovative company cultures?

Tools that enable flexibility are having a major impact on productivity in Australia. How does Collaboration for Revit deliver this for architecture? 

Autodesk's innovative Collaboration for Revit isn't just making waves by enabling greater cooperation in architecture and design work; it is also helping build the workplace culture of the future. Thanks to the cloud-based service, contributors can work on the same project file at the same time, whether they are in the same office or on opposite sides of the globe.

One of the most significant benefits of this capability is that it enables a far greater range of flexibility and productivity, essential characteristics that are having a profound impact on workplaces, especially in creativity-based industries.

The company culture at Leaf Architecture

Daniel Leaf Architecture

Recently, Redstack spoke to Daniel Smith, director of Leaf Architecture in Sydney's Inner West, to learn more about how he has been using Collaboration for Revit. One of the things Daniel spoke most passionately about is how the service has helped him establish his ideal workplace culture.

Leaf Architecture is a practice focused on building in the educational and public spheres, seeking to make a strong, positive impact on the community. As such, designers must bring their creativity to bear on works that are functional, purposeful and artistic. This is one area where Daniel sees Collaboration for Revit delivering additional benefits for the practice.

"One of the things with creativity, if you are under constant pressure - work work work, deliver deliver deliver - you're not in a relaxed state, you're not really thinking in a creative sense and you're not taking that bigger-picture view," he says.

"Enabling people to have flexibility, be happy, be relaxed, all of that relates to your end output. Promoting that sense of quality and creative thinking, all of that is so important, and that's what we're looking to achieve with a practice like mine."

Small-firm culture, large-firm results

Leaf Architecture

That degree of flexibility isn't just enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction, it has also played a large role in driving the practice's performance as a whole. By being able to pull in company resources through the collaborative platform, Daniel has seen a strong increase in the company's capabilities.

"Tools that enable flexible working arrangements to happen, such as Collaboration for Revit, I think, are an important milestone within businesses, particularly smaller businesses where we do need to have that agile approach to market," Daniel says.

He notes that the ability to bring together internal and external resources in a controlled, secure environment has been a key factor in enabling the practice to grow.

Those abilities, and the creativity-enhancing culture Daniel espouses, are incredibly useful tools for Leaf Architecture.

The benefits of flexibility

While traditionalists might look down on flexible working environments, preferring the structure of the Monday to Friday, 9-to-5 schedule, Daniel is onto something with the philosophy he advocates at Leaf Architecture. Such working patterns are responsible for providing a massive boost to the Australian economy.

According to Deloitte, the flexibility enabled by mobile and collaborative technology has lead to greater productivity and workforce participation. Taken together, these factors have contributed $42.9 billion to the country's economy. Thanks to the ability to work outside of the traditional office environment, Australians report working 0.6 hours more each week - a significant productivity boost.
This is something many businesses are focusing on, particularly as Australia's workforce as a whole is coming around to the value of collaboration and flexibility - reflected in both tangible and intangible benefits such as higher productivity and more engaged employees.

Bringing this collaborative and energised spirit to your organisation is made simple with the right tools. In the architecture and design sectors, this is the role that Collaboration for Revit fills. To learn more, Get in touch with Redstack today.

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