Local councils and governments set to benefit from UAV use

UAVs give anyone the power to gain an aerial perspective. Here's how local governments and councils can get the most out of them.

Pegasus UAVAlong with 3D printing and many other developing technologies, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are disrupting industries, giving people and businesses new ways of approaching old problems. 

With the addition of high-quality cameras, UAVs are able to produce high quality photos and video footage of spectacular vistas, sporting events or other occasions that benefit from overhead photography. 

However, they're not just a consumer product, and businesses and government institutions are starting to embrace the unique benefits these small platforms offer. Now, people can take to the skies with a solution that's much more cost-effective and convenient than hiring a helicopter. 

Naturally, these devices rely on the imagination of those behind the controls to find unique uses. Here are some of the ways local and state governments are putting the technology to use. 

Queensland government targets youth engagement

Students often need a bit of prompting to engage with science and technology skills. Whether it's building things with 3D printing or creating with Autodesk software, anything that can make these skills more appealing to young people can go a long way towards fostering further interest. 

The Queensland government recognised this with challenge specifically designed to introduce students to UAVs. The event was a joint effort between the Queensland University of Technology and The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and focused on the practical benefits of the technology. 

Students were tasked with responding to a mock run of real-world scenarios UAVs may have to face, according to Minister for State Development Anthony Lineham. 

"This year's challenge tests how well students can use UAVs to respond to a hypothetical emergency situation in which a person has had an allergic reaction," he explained. 

"As someone with experience in the medical professional, I'm very excited by the prospects that these devices could offer people in difficult circumstances in remote areas."

Promote tourism

Local governmentThanks to the usability of drones equipped with cameras capable of recording in high definition, filming the area of a city, state or town in perfect quality has never been cheaper or easier. 

Now, almost anyone can achieve shots of sweeping vistas, setting suns and open fields - the kind of footage that used to be confined to the realm of professional helicopter pilots and well out of the reach of untrained pilots. 

Thanks to UAVs, this kind of video is now completely accessible to anyone with access to the technology. It also means that councils and other government institutions can produce promotional content that's set for the world stage. 

Inspect property and other utilities  

UAVs and their attached cameras aren't just perfect for creating enticing videos to promote tourism, they can also have more practical uses. For council workers tasked with inspecting dangerous property, UAVs provide the perfect surveying tool. 

In situations where inspectors are unsure of the conditions or unable to reach the desired location, a UAV can be sent in first to transmit or record photographic evidence. This is an invaluable tool for damaged buildings, disused utilities, old mineshafts or any other areas that could prove hazardous. 

Crime scene analysis

Police forces need to be on the cutting edge of technology to keep on top of modern criminals, and many around the world have turned to UAVs as a crime-fighting solution. 

In this case, the devices work on the same principles as property inspection, allowing officers to have eyes and ears in situations that may be too dangerous to approach on foot. 

In the aftermath of a crime, UAVs can provide a unique perspective on a crime scene. As well as providing much-needed aerial view, drones can get in much closer than other aircraft, which could be the difference in breaking a case. 

Before you secure a UAV solution from Redstack, have a look at our operating checklist to ensure you stay safe. and meet regulatory requirements.

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