Mind Mapping, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing to Achieve Digital Reincarnation

Written by Damien Jovica


Reincarnation is not as unfathomale as it appears.

It is “theoretically possible to copy the brain onto a computer and so provide a form of life after death,” and Google is exploring the possibility of uploading the mind to the cloud by using a 10 year scientific investigation project called The Human Brain Project, where the plan is to map out the human brain.

Robotics is already at a sophisticated level, and organs can be 3D printed without fault. 



Wireless technology and social media has allowed us to connect with other individuals.

People can now experience the environment and be in a Virtual Reality environment simultaneously thanks to Fuzar.

We are no longer tied down by space and can experience another location right away. Imagine if all possibilities were endless and experiencing the real world like the Avatar/Surrogates movie was a likely extension to that experience.

With existing technology, mind mapping is still several years away, and to completely map out a fly’s brain and its interactions it would take approximately two years.

 Companies such as Autodesk are revolutionising the use of 3D Printing, Generative Design, and Al for engineers:



 The big question is what is stopping humankind from uploading their minds to the cloud and downloading it into an Al robot? The main barriers are the lack of understanding of our conscience, and the existing computer power.


3D Printer

AI’s are better than humans in some respects, although holistically they are no match for the organic platforms we are today, they are improving each day. The laws of nature can be described as what Quantum Computing is about. A new processor which runs at 7 Quantum Bits was just unveiled by HP's Quantum Information Processing Group, who are researching optical quantum computing and Intel:



The first analogue computer that was found is roughly 2,100 years old, yet we moved from analogue to digital computers in a moderately small period. Every 18 months processors multiply in power according to Moore’s Law. We are now moving to Quantum platforms and away from digital systems. Quantum processors run stably at freezing points, and can run at temperatures cooler than space, which is ironic if there is a creator of the universe.

Reincarnating things into hybrid robots made of synthetically printed organs could happen within the next 10-100 years, possibly by uploading/downloading our conscience into it.


Our conscience could be wirelessly transferred into a fully functioning lab grown body within the next 100-1000 years, what's so different about the circle of life?


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