Realtime VIEW: Next-generation 3D modelling and virtual reality

With Realtime VIEW, Redstack presents the next generation of 3D modelling - giving viewers the power to step inside an interactive, realistic environment.

Realtime View              Realtime View

Imagine the next generation of 3D architectural models and visualisation tools. When reviewing the model, instead of clicking through with a mouse, you actually step inside it with the power of virtual reality (VR) and can make changes to the model while you're there. That innovation isn't a few years off; it's already here with Redstack's Realtime VIEW.

We spoke with Danial Aleem of Redstack Malaysia to learn more about the service, how it works and what customers can expect from Realtime VIEW.

In a Realtime VIEW model, the person controlling the action can walk around a complete virtual environment - which can then also be simulcast for an audience.

"The goal is to make viewing the model a powerful interaction, to provide a more immersive and enjoyable experience to clients. We deliver a model you can walk through like you're a character in a video game" Danial said.

While Realtime VIEW is certainly a more fun way of exploring a proposed design, there are significant benefits to the service - particularly when used in conjunction with building information modelling (BIM).

Realtime VIEW and BIM

One of the major advantages of BIM is the ability to bring all teams together early in the design and construction of an asset.

A Realtime VIEW environment, much like a BIM model, can be created long before construction begins, providing an immersive medium for experimenting with designs and alterations - as well as getting input from the various project stakeholders.

The potential applications with this innovative technology is only limited by the bounds of drive and imagination with new possibilities emerging every day. Given the right data, a Realtime VIEW environment can be used for advanced clash detection and harmonisation between architectural designs and the related mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements of a project.

Realtime VIEW in action

Realtime View has delivered outstanding value for clients on a number of projects, including an entire floor of an office building and a retail project for a well known retail brand. With the VR environment, these clients have been able to digitally step into what their project site will look like once completed, with a high level of realistic detail for accurate decision making early in their projects.

"It's hard to imagine a project completely from drawings or pictures, so Realtime VIEW helps convey an understanding of the space and area," Danial noted.

While Realtime VIEW is an extraordinary experience for a person using a VR headset, it can also be used to share designs efficiently with large audiences. One person can manipulate the perspective with a controller, while the view is played in striking realism on a 4K TV.

Presentations, product launches, site tours - the possibilities enabled by a Realtime VIEW showcase are plentiful, and enhanced by a high-tech flair.

The advantages of Realtime VIEW

One of the major benefits of Realtime VIEW is that it requires minimal investment to get started. Besides the cost of the service itself and any required presentation hardware, there are no other expenses for the client such as subscriptions or license fees.  If you already have a BIM or 3D model for your project, it's not a big step to use Realtime VIEW and take your project to the next level.

Realtime VIEW also offers time and money saving benefits for small, medium or large building projects. If someone wants to see what a particular change would look like when viewing the walkthrough, it can be done instantly - rather than needing to go back to the modelling board.

It also lowers the cost required to demo properties and assets to potential customers. Instead of show models that can only cater to a limited audience or pictures and video for remote viewers, Realtime VIEW puts an interactive walkthrough in front of a live audience, anywhere in the world. It also allows developers to showcase elements of a property that normally wouldn't be possible, like a swimming pool or sky deck.

Realtime View samples

The images below provide some insight into the highly realistic imagery available from Realtime View:

Realtime View          Realtime View

Realtime View          Realtime View

Get Realtime View for your next project

With these exciting capabilities, Realtime VIEW truly is the next chapter in 3D architectural modelling and design. To learn more about the service, get in touch with Redstack today on 1300 667 263.


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