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PDM Collection

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Redstack has been a leading distributor of Autodesk software for more than 20 years and our mission has always been to deliver services to our clients that improve growth and profitability. As we move into more collaborative times, Autodesk is delivering software packages to meet this. Whether it’s a social movement or a response to increased global competition, we are all becoming more aware that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts themselves.

At Redstack, we are in alignment with this natural trend and we are doing our part to support our clients with software delivery and improving our training and support.

Autodesk have combined relevant software packages, releasing three collections to support collaboration and teamwork that will ultimately enable increased productivity and a better end result.

The three collections are Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, Media and Entertainment Collection, and the Architecture, Engineering and Design Collection.

Combining Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, Navisworks Manager and Nastran In-CAD

In this article we are reviewing the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, which includes industry leading and trusted software programs. These are Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, Navisworks Manage, Nastran In-CAD, Inventor HSM and HSMWorks.

Other inclusions in this software package that add to the seamless workflow and can be downloaded at any time under the license are:

  1. Data Management and collaboration tools with Autodesk Vault and A360 cloud storage and sharing capabilities. 
  2. 3ds Max and cloud rendering provides high quality visualisation capabilities, allowing clients to visualise and experience products before any manufacturing takes place.

You can browse the entire suite of software inclusions at the Redstack online store.

Autodesk inventor

The benefits to your team – more space to experiment and test cost effectively

Seamless integration is a wonderful thing to see in action and this is exactly what this product suite will provide you and your team. It is one set of tools that talk to each other, so that product designers, engineering and the production team can work together whilst the project remains inside the design cocoon. Confidence builds in the team who can experiment, refine and test again with minimal physical prototypes.

End to end product development

Key trusted products such as Inventor Professional, Nastran and HSM are packaged together so that everyone on your design and manufacture team can access them. Design and engineering, advanced simulation, 2.5-5 axis CAM and factory planning are managed from within the Inventor application, staying inside the design environment.

When the development phase requires electrical schematics and conceptual layout, the integration means data is kept and other members of your team are able to adjust and refine as many times as they need to. 

Collaborative and Innovative

With features such as shape optimisation, you can minimise trial and error during the design phase and use the benefit of intelligent prediction to come up with what are necessary critical factors of design, removing redundant features during the design phase instead of at the prototype phase.  

Nastran integrated directly with Inventor means your team can access the 3D simulation features without having to import or adapt files, and review the model completely. This saves both time and expense to your team. 

Improve Product Performance

With Inventor, Fusion 360 along with Nastran In-CAD working together inside the design environment, your team can test the design and predict problems and well as unseen benefits early on.

For example, fatigue analysis can be conducted predicting what spare parts may be needed during the product life cycle and at what point you can inform your clients they may need to replace parts.

Design to Manufacture Workflow

The CAM capabilities included in the product collection help you understand how to take parts to the manufacturing stage much quicker.

For example, Autodesk HSM solutions include adaptive clearing, producing high quality surface finishes allowing shipping of parts directly from your manufacturing floor. Again this saves time and contributes to your bottom line profits.

How does it compare?

The collection includes key products such as Inventor Professional, AutoCAD, Nastran In-CAD and HSMWorks. You can download and install any part of the collection as you need it. These products are usually purchased separately for a lot more than the packaged price. For example Nastran and Inventor alone sell for more that $3,000 each, yet the collection is priced at $3700.

What’s the Real Value?

The real value is in enabling collaborative effort as the technology develops to enable better team work, and as the team get better at bouncing off each other creatively. Either way, the sum of the total parts is much greater than the sum of them separately. The development of your team dynamics to deliver better end products whilst maintaining your costs is an ongoing process that is supported by the right tools, this is where Autodesk’s Product Collection comes in.

Why buy from Redstack?

  • Simple software license subscription service that we manage so that you don’t miss a subscription renewal.
  • We are the only reseller who measures our service performance and provides a high quality service consistently rating over 9/10. 
  • We have a excellent industry expertise with highly qualified engineers available to support you.
  • We are easily accessible with flexible contact options- 24/7 live chat, phone, email, online enquiry and online case management services.

Software Purchase and Training

The Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection is available at

Redstack offer comprehensive training sessions across Australia and we keep up to date with the latest training and delivery methods. We highly recommend that you review our classroom and online training solutions to make the most of the software that you now own.

Have a look at the Autodesk Training Schedule to find dates that work for you or contact us on 1300 667 263 for more information.
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