Virtual Design and Construction (VDC): The BIM Revolution

After carving a notable presence in Australia’s flourishing design technology industries for more than 15 years, Redstack have laid the foundations for a vibrant enterprise, establishing branches throughout Asia Pacific and even penetrating Middle East markets. They have reached this stage through reaping the benefits of their lucrative partnerships with the world’s leading providers of CAD, engineering, architecture and design technologies from leading suppliers such as Autodesk, Apple, Ultimaker and IMAGINiT Technologies. Since their inception, they have been on a mission to expand their business relations, bringing a tailored end-to-end service to clients, as Japri Maming describes thusly.

Japri Maming BIM

Mr Japri Maming

“Our aim is to successfully deliver BIM Management services on entire construction projects, getting involved in the tender stage and managing BIM for our client throughout the construction process, taking the BIM model and using it to deliver a Facilities management system for the project owner / developer.

“We are getting this work by contacting and working closely with the construction companies bidding on major building projects, and contacting the project owners to offer our facilities management systems.”

Mr Maming elaborates “We produce detailed BIM documentation to ensure all parties are clear on their expectations and deliverables. We provide all the documentation you need in order to ensure that stakeholders are adopting processes, adhering to standards, and using software consistently. Among the high quality documentation that we produce are software standards manuals, best practice guidelines, company procedures, and BIM implementation and management plans.

“We work with our clients to incorporate project wide best practices for modelling and documentation, mapping out processes, managing tasks, documenting setups and implementing quality control procedures to minimise risk and produce high quality outcomes.”

To disseminate and distribute their knowledge and experience further, Redstack also take full advantage of online tools and social media to deliver free BIM resources (Whitepapers, blog posts, video content)  for anyone to consume. Redstack also deliver industry leading BIM training courses, boasting the cream of Australia’s crop of BIM-accredited trainers.  Redstack provide real BIM Management training in addition to their software based CAD training courses.

One of Redstack’s most notable successes in this booming industry came through a partnership with the National Cancer Institute of Malaysia. As well as cementing Redstack’s reputation on an international scale, paving the way for further deals across Southeast Asia, it also highlights the efficiency and valuable outputs that BIM implementation can offer.

“We were able to assist in delivering the NCIM 6 months ahead of schedule. We are extremely proud of this result not only because it was a very successful construction and BIM project, but also because we were able to assist in delivering world leading cancer treatment to th people of Malaysia, meeting the needs of the community.”

Redstack further defines itself through cutting edge technologies to enhance their work and highlight the innovation that comes through BIM practices. “Our team of BIM experts are required to keep up to date with the latest technologies in the industry. For example, we are developing visualisation and 3D Virtual Reality services that will enable an interactive virtual experience inside the virtual building before construction begins.”

Offering such a complete turn key solution from BIM documentation, through to construction and into facilities and space management systems, has enabled Redstack to carve its distinctive presence throughout the Asia Pacific region.  Mr Maming further expands upon the way in which this consistency has grown to reflect the increased demands of clients. 

BIM to Facilities Management

“Many BIM service providers will deliver 3D modelling and clash detection capabilities. To recognise the value in BIM, we assist right from the beginning of the project, producing the required documentation, assisting in the tender process, maintaining the model right through construction and using the BIM model for Facilities Management, all handing over a complete Facilities and Space Management system for ongoing maintenance and management of the building.”

“Many BIM service providers have information on the services they can deliver, but very few have the actual experience of Redstack BIM Services.  We have successfully delivered projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, delivering outstanding results for our clients.”

This, Mr Maming reflects, is indicative of the growing popularity of BIM practices across the globe. “BIM has been mandated in some governments around the world, including Singapore and the UK.  We expect this trend will continue and BIM will become a requirement on the majority of major construction projects around the world.  This is creating a need for construction companies to partner with a professional organisation who can deliver the BIM component of a project, assist them with a successful tender submission and delivering BIM, allowing them to focus on construction.”

As such, with a network sprawled across Asia Pacific, including Australia and  Vietnam to the Philippines and Japan, as well as a projects in the Middle East, Redstack stands to benefit hugely from an increased global demand for robust, ethical practices, though Mr Maming's main focus is closer to home. “With projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, we are looking to expand our footprint throughout the region, with a particular focus on the Australian market.  We plan to become the leading BIM service provider in the Asia Pacific market and have some exciting developments happening in Australia.”

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