What's New for Autodesk Vault 2018

New Automated PDF Creation for Document Control

Autodesk Vault 2018 now allows you to automatically publish and manage your 2D PDF files from CAD files as released documentation within the design release process.

Configurable PDF Settings

Autodesk Vault 2018 will automatically render PDF formats from 2D design files using the same settings as the authoring CAD systems. It supports the DWG and IDW 2D design file formats from AutoCAD in addition to Autodesk Inventor drawing files.

Autodesk Vault 2018

For more information, see Configure PDF Publishing Options.

PDF Category Assignment

In Vault 2018, all PDF files created for document control are automatically assigned to the Design Representation category. A dedicated category allows administrators to easily manage their rules, lifecycles, and properties independent of the associated design files.

Learn more about Lifecycle Definition Administration.

Create PDF upon Change State

Administrators may configure Vault 2018 to automatically publish PDF files for document control during final release. During this transition, the Autodesk Vault Job Processor automatically updates the drawing references and properties to ensure an accurate PDF representation.

Autodesk Vault 2018

Learn more about publishing a PDF from 2D CAD Files.

Automatic PDF Attachment

PDF files created for document control are now automatically attached to their accompanying design file. As a result, designers see all attached PDF files in the Vault Client's Uses tab.

Publish and Store PDF in Vault

In Vault 2018, PDF files published for document control may be automatically stored in the same project as their accompanying design files. Administrators can choose to designate a folder for document control that is different tothe folder specified for each design file.

Batch Plot Enhancements

Vault 2018 enhances batch plot to enable you to specify plot size, colour, orientation and scale on TIF and PDF files. In addition, batch plot now supports the placing of watermarks and stamps on PDF files during the plot operation.

Copy Design Improvements

Autodesk Vault 2018 restores action rules mapping to filenames, allows action rules to be used across different vaults (assuming the property definitions exist), allows designers to set target file properties to like properties of previous file revisions, preserves Autodesk Inventor iLogic rules on copied data, and improves the copy operations of files with linked drawings.

For more information, see Copy Design--Rules, Conditions, and Property Behavior.

New Administrator Roles

Autodesk Vault 2018 introduces new Administrator roles that allow team members to manage aspects of Autodesk Vault such as security or configuration settings without requiring full administration rights.

  • The new Project Administrator role provides authorisation to delete select objects and remove reservations.

    Autodesk Vault
  • ​The Security Administrator role is new, providing authorisation for security settings for all object types. This includes files, folders, items and custom objects. Users with this role also have the ability to see objects that are cloaked so they can modify the permissions.

    Autodesk Vault
  • The  Configuration Administrator role is also new, providing authorisation to configure Autodesk Vault object and management settings. This includes Files, Visualisation, managing behaviors (e.g., properties and lifecycle), Items and Change Order settings.

    Autodesk Vault

New Autodesk Inventor Features and Enhancements

Detachable Autodesk Vault Browser

The Autodesk Vault 2018 Add-in for Autodesk Inventor enables you to detach, float, and reattach the Vault browser to new screen positions to optimise your menu layout. With separate Inventor and Vault browsers, you can view both of your component trees at the same time in the same Inventor design session.

Search in Vault Browser

The Vault 2018 Add-in for Inventor provides a new Vault browser search, including multiple keyword search, to help users identify and select components from the Vault component tree. After adding new properties to the browser display, you may also search for components by property and locate items quickly and easily within the component structure of large assemblies.

Autodesk Vault 2018

To learn more, see The Vault Browser in Autodesk Inventor.

Go to Vault Folder

Vault introduces a new Go to Vault Folder command inside the Inventor Vault Add-in. After selecting a target component, you can select Go to Vault Folder. This opens a fresh Vault Explorer session showing the version and revision of the selected component inside its stored project location.

The Go to Vault Folder feature is only available in the Inventor Vault Add-in.

To learn more, see Go to Vault Folder.

New Open File Options

The Vault 2018 Add-in for Autodesk Inventor enables you to open files in Full or Express mode. Load Full loads all component data and all commands are available. Load Express significantly improves (3-5x) file open times for large assemblies, but some commands will not be available.

Autodesk Vault 2018

To learn more, see Working with Level of Detail and Vault Files and Open a File from Vault with the Inventor Vault Add-in.

New Application Version File Property

A new Application Version property for Inventor files shows the last time the file was saved and theAutodesk Inventor version it was saved in.

The application version property is currently only for Inventor Files.

To learn more, see Add or Remove User-Defined Properties. Also see the Customize Columns section in Custom Grid Options.

Autodesk Vault 2018

Numbering Scheme Descriptions Now Display When You Save a New File

When you define a numbering scheme you can create a description for a pre-defined list. These descriptions for numbering schemes now display when you create a new file in Inventor or AutoCAD and save it.

Autodesk Vault 2018

Vault Client Updates

Insert into CAD

Vault 2018 now includes an Insert into CAD command within Vault Explorer. After selecting an Inventor part or assembly, this function automatically locates and downloads the Vault source file and places it into the active Inventor design session. Requiring only a few clicks, this new feature greatly simplifies the creation of large assemblies and complex design contexts.

Autodesk Vault 2018

Custom Job Types

Vault administrators may now assign custom jobs to lifecycle transitions directly within the Vault Settings dialog. When defining new or existing lifecycles, Vault administrators may edit the lifecycle state transition and use the new Custom Job Types tab to specify a custom job.

The work to write and test the custom job routine remains the same as it was in previous versions of Vault, but the administrative steps required to include the action as part of a lifecycle are now much easier.

For more information, see how to Create a Custom Job.

Autodesk Vault 2018

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