What’s New in Inventor Publisher 2015

By Damien Jovica, Redstack
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Technical Documentation Software with Multi-CAD Associativity

If you work with different CAD files that often change and publish to MS Office, Adobe, Video, Social Media and Mobile Apps, then take a good look at Autodesk’s new 2015 Release of Inventor Publisher.

Enhancements from the previous release have been on associativity with all major CAD formats (aka Model Refresh), Adding Custom Properties, improvements to the Material/Appearance Palette & Annotations and more Publishing Options.

What Is Inventor Publisher?

It brings in CAD data (files made from CAD Programs e.g. DWF) and uses these files to create storyboards for documents like User Manuals, Assembly Instructions or Interactive Videos so companies can explain their products better than what an image or video could.

It’s has some overlaps with Visualisation Software, so I put together a Showcase Vs. Inventor Publisher Comparison Matrix for your review:

Showcase v IVP Matrix

New Features in Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2015

CAD Associativity

Inventor Publisher always had associativity with Inventor parts and assemblies, in 2015, this feature is extended to other CAD formats too. The way it works is, when you open an existing Publisher file, it will check for a newer version and an update icon will appear, notifying you that there is an update required. The second way is to manually check for an update while working in the document or pointing the Publisher file to a new file and then refreshing the Publisher file by clicking the update icon.

Check out how Inventor Publisher handles a Solidworks Assembly that gets geometry and components modified:

This video demonstrates working with a STEP file that gets geometrically modified:

Inventor Publisher supports a wide range of formats. For more information regarding Model Refresh, Click Here.


Insert Options

All Supported File Types


Adding Custom Properties

In 2015, you can open a Parts List and edit the list to add new custom properties and populate those fields at the assembly and part level.

This video goes into more detail:

How to work with Custom Properties


You can also add Hyperlinks to the Custom Properties, which for example can then send the viewer to another Video, which explains a Sub-Assembly in more detail. When reviewing the Inventor Publisher Forums, this enhancement stood out as a workaround to Publishing Massive Assemblies without degrading performance.


A new drop down pallette has been added when you click on Material in 2015, so it’s easier to change colour choices. You still have quick access to commonly used appearances and the Autodesk Appearance Library by clicking on the Appearance Icon>Autodesk Library.

Here’s how it looked in 2013 Vs. 2015:

Left Side is 2013 - Right Side is 2015

Left Side is 2013 – Right Side is 2015


 Publishing Options

There’s a variety of formats you can publish to. The Word Plug-in can update Word documents if the Publishing file changes. The rest of the formats need to be re-published if there are any changes.

When you publish a video in 2015, you have the added options to publish the video straight to YouTube or Facebook.

Publishing Options

Publishing Options

You can Publish to YouTube or Facebook in 2015

You can Publish to YouTube or Facebook in 2015


Inventor Publisher is very easy to use, within a couple hours you can be proficient in the product and start producing great content. The new broader associativity features with a larger range of CAD files, makes it a viable choice for any most CAD users and makes life easier for those you work with multiple CAD files form external stakeholders.

The Exchange Apps Store has a Free Sample Projects GalleryCommon Hardware Library and Common Symbols Library too.

If you want to learn more on how you can not only transform your engineering and design but the way you do business, feel free to email me at, or call me on 130 667 263.

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